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MVT's "Shield" available for order

Image courtesy Max Velocity Tactical

Those who have been following MVT should be aware of Max's 'thermal poncho' concept, which pairs a tarp with a thermal blanket to provide shelter, increased visual concealment and--the key--concealment from thermal optics, like those used by many modern military vehicles. Thermal can be a tricky thing to hide from otherwise.

Max has been working on bringing the Shield to market for a long while, and it looks like it's finally here. They're made by hand in the U.S. of A and priced accordingly, and I'd wager they'll be a bit of a wait to get your hands on one.

Max specs the weight of a kryloned Shield at 2.5 pounds, which is ok given the multipurpose nature. You'd be in that rough neighborhood a sil-nylon tarp and one of the re-usable casualty/space blankets, which would be an alternative.

Now, should you be concerned about enemies with thermal (U.S. forces gone bad, foreign forces, etc.) trying to hunt n' kill you? That's up to you to you to decide.

If you're fall into that camp, check Max's site for more info about the MVT Shield.


  1. 185 for a tarp??? You think the gov't will use a hellfire missle on a bunch of hillbilly's out camping?

    1. Unintelligent price whining gets old fast. Like I said, if it's not something you see value in, move along. Whining about price, especially for handmade U.S. made products is lame.

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  3. When buying tactical clothing make sure it is also NIR-compliant. The 65/35 blend tend not be where the 50/50 blends does tend to be. This will help reduce your IR signature as well.