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2 Liter Bottles - 2 More Unconventional Uses

For those that missed it, we've got the awesome Bomb Rider leather morale patches back in stock. Get 'em while they're available!


As a follow up to the last installment of Outside the Box, a couple notable uses for the ubiquitous 2L pop/soda bottle that didn't get covered in the comments.

Fish Trap

Via Black Scout Survival

A scavenger's take on the basket fish trap. Easy to make, set and forget. Small fish aren't exactly a filling meal, but they work well for catching larger game.

MRE Heater Bomb

MRE heater(s) + water + a 2L bottle = loud boom. Don't try at home, kiddos. More of a distraction device than a weapon, though certainly not something you want to blow up in your face.

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  1. Day TripperAugust 29, 2014

    Pretty cool make shift stun grenade. I've been on the search for something similar to this to use in home defense situations where an intruder breaks into my home. I found this LED strobe light ball at Toys R Us awhile back that I can throw into a dark room and it would be very freaky and confusing to anybody who does not know exactly what it is. A smaller, 20oz or 1 liter version of the that bomb may be a better "stunning" option. Of course, if needed, all of this would be followed by a few blasts of my shotgun!