> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Karambit work, how to not die on an elevator and more - Friday YouTube Dump - 7/25/14



Karambit work, how to not die on an elevator and more - Friday YouTube Dump - 7/25/14

Doug Marcaida demonstrating possibilities with the karambit - impact striking to dynamic deployment of the blade. We're big fans of the k-bit in various forms and Marcaida is one of the best edged weapons dudes in the world...good stuff.

Maintaining situational awareness and elevator tactics from Tony Blauer. Good one to watch - elevators are a common site for criminal attacks.

NRA's Media Lab with Dom Raso has been some fun viewing. Dom takes scenes from action movies and does the whole Mythbusters - 'would this work' deal. For the record on this specific episode - plausible. Jerry Miculek could do it.

Speaking of Jerry, this is one I've been wanting to share for a while. Jerry quick scopes a friggin' grape faster than most people can clear their holster.


  1. Yeah I don't think the timing on the Rambo scene was too crazy. Of course that is presuming the guy is well, Rambo. I suspect Jerry Michulec could do it on the first take and a lot of, admittedly great shots, could do it after a few warm up runs.

  2. All great videos!

    I LOVE the idea of using a closed folder as an impact weapon--certainly would be better than just an empty fist. To some degree the principles in that video can apply to any folder, not just a karambit. And if you already carry a knife you don't need to add a nonlethal weapon to your load out, you already have one 24/7. My Delica already has a nice rounded point on the bottom of the handle. I think there's a lot of scenarios where you might be willing to engage with an impact weapon but not yet willing to start stabbing someone in the face. Really once you extend that knife and start slicing you're goal should now be to kill the person as quickly and thoroughly as possible--and perhaps his buddies too. There are plenty of potential scenarios where you'd want to try to avoid that but that still require force on your part.

    Some guy is screaming right in your face in the parking lot because you stole his spot and retreat isn't a viable option. You figure its going to get violent--maybe he pushes you first or something. Are you really going to start stabbing him to death? Maybe--I suppose it depends on the exact situation. But nonlethal force keeps options open. You don't have to kill someone, get blood all over your clothes, and you don't have the myriad of legal problems pursuant to doing so. You don't have to sit in court and listen to some liberal prosecutor praise your attacker as a hero and paint you as a violent maniac.

    While its not always the case, statistics show most "tough guys" tend to back down pretty quick when they meet some resistance. You might pop him a few times in the face and he runs off with a bloody nose. You're a bit shaken up but can go on with your normal life. To any onlookers you were unarmed and just punched him a few times. And if at any point you feel the need you still have the knife in your hand and the option of ratcheting things up. The draw would be quicker too if you didn't necessarily need to worry about opening the blade. Or you could do a normal draw, extend the blade, and still attack with the butt of the knife. If that doesn't scare him off you have a knife blade out and ready to go. Of course other times you might not want to waste valuable seconds with nonlethal force but its just one more thing to add to the tool kit. Certainly something I'll keep in mind and train a bit with.

    1. Oh and if you do have the put the attacker down the autopsy will likely show impact wounds--proving you tried nonlethal force first.

    2. Yup. Lots of scenarios where having a less-than-lethal option is beneficial.

      And accessing the weapon mid-fight, when some ex-con is pounding you into the pavement is often the hardest part. If you can start the fight with the knife in-hand, even if it's closed...that's a big part of the battle.