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EDC Bag Dump Contest: Navajo Joe in Japan

Greetings from Okinawa Japan, I'm an active duty Marine and a America Red Cross CPR/First Aid and Wilderness Survival Instructor.  At times my EDC can become my field pack or overnight pack... Field/Duty sneaks up on you at times.
This whole pack with water weighs in at roughly 15 lbs, and I know this is pretty heavy for an EDC but bare in mind I never know what kind of day I will walk into at work. Also it's not like I'm taking the train or bus to work.  This pack goes from my house to the car to my office and back.  I know I can get out of dodge with it and make the 21.2 miles back to my house wearing this pack in a day, if needed. This is one reason I have this type of bag and also the items I carry.  I hate not having that one thing with me when needed but know I can't carry it all, so I have learned to pick my battles, but always remembering if you pack light you freeze at night. 
The pack is a standard Oakley Panel Pack I picked up about four years ago off US Standard Issue for $40.  I had it re-stitched for better shoulder straps and carry handle.  Also I added webbing on the top flap and on the left side, which is how I carry my canvas First Aid kit and my BDS admin pouch. Let me tell you, its been around the world and countless deployments and exercises.  It's still holding up and I wash it twice a year and spray it down with waterproofing, she's still running hard. 

*Left outside pocket has one pair of Mechanix gloves, MountainSmith raincover, three dust masks, 20 ft of paracord, facecloth and ziplock baggie of both US and Japanese coins equaling 10 US dollars and 5,000 Japanese Yen, "$45 depending on exchange".

Right outside pocket has Pelican case with my Garmin Foretrex 401, waterproof Ishuffle, Roadrunner ID bracelet, babywipes, handwipes, Febreze, hand sanitizer, bug spray, pocket towel, sewing kit, toothpicks. 

Outside pocket I have a pair of shears and a Boker Cop Tool, "love this little tool"

Center pocket is my bag of snacks which I generally carry cliff bars, power bars,instant coffee packets, Tabasco, fork, spoon and 5 hour energy. 

Canvas pouch hanging on the left side is a small quick to grab first aid kit. I keep CPR pocket mask, gloves, OTC meds, tweezers, wipes, tape and gauze. 

Center pack are my Oakley M-Frames and my BDS Admin pouch which has the following items:
Leatherman Wingman
E&E pouch by Adventure Medical Kits
Morale patch "Navajo Joe", my callsign
P-Tec headlamp
duct tape on a card
flint and steel 
extra ziplock bag
Rite in the Rain book with pencil 
6 inch ruler
water purification tablets
ear plugs 
Leatherman bits
four AA batteries
four AAA batteries
two CR123 batteries
crazy glue 
sillcock key

also carry one Inova flash light, love this light! four tours to OEF/OIF and still going.

In the Ipod sleeve I carry my Bose headphones and my 80gb Ipod
On my left shoulder straps I carry a Krill yellow light, battery operated Chemlight is what it is....

On my right shoulder strap I have a fox40 whistle, small Coghlan's compass and a cheap little light. 

Inside the pack I carry a Shemagh, zip ties, one trash bag, three 1qt ziplock bags, coffee cup, steel 36oz water bottle, E-Reader Nook, Moleskine notebook, digital camera, Pocket Ref book,bag with all my power cords and Brunton Solar Charger, a Condor admin pouch with spear pens/pencils along with my small moleskine with backup contact numbers and my Rickshaw Folio with my Moleskine planner, and lastly a small hygiene kit.  

Medical kits inside my pack is larger and has:
Gloves x2
Burn gel x4
space blanket x2
OTC meds
AfterBite wipes
Mask x3
Iodine swaps x3
compression gauze 
Quick Clot
Duct tape
Decompression needle 
surgical blade x2
Dental Medic 
Ultralight Medical Kit .7 complete

Thanks for a great website and keep it up!
Navajo Joe
"Keep your powder dry"
From Alex:
First up, thanks for your service!
You've got a pretty well rounded bag. You've got a lot of the bases that I look for covered.
A couple comments:
Books weigh a lot - I'm seeing multiple notebooks/planners/etc., plus the Nook. I'd look at consolidating.
Another Pocket Ref! See previous entries. If you regularly use multiple sections of this book, I could see keeping it. If you just use a page or two, photo copy or tear 'em out and laminate. If it's there 'just in case' and doesn't get used, ditch it.
A smart phone would help you consolidate quite a bit - planner, iPod, Nook, etc. Not sure if there are restrictions that would prevent an iPhone or even a iPod touch.

Lots of towel type implements - not that any take up much room or weight, but the shemagh can do the job of the bandana or hand towel.

Multiple battery types. Not a big deal, but you could consolidate to one or two types.

The FAK looks pretty heavy, but since you are active duty military, it likely makes sense. Am I counting 6 N95 masks total in the bag?

That's it from me - let's hear what the Tribe has to say!


  1. Great load out! Hard for a civilian like myself to criticize the gear of an active Marine--obviously your situation and needs aren't something I have any first hand experience with. Plus you have certain rules and regulations you gotta comply with.

    I have to agree on the pocket ref. By all means read it and digest the info, but I don't see why everyone feels the need to carry it around 24/7. I think its a group think sort of thing--people just assume its a good item to carry without putting much thought into it.

    Maybe you could copy a few charts or critical info on some note cards or something. But either way--if SHTF your most certainly not going to be thumbing through some book trying to find some paragraph you remember reading a couple years ago. At that point either you have the knowledge, you have a given skill--or you don't.

  2. riverriderJune 12, 2014

    okay, edc means every day CARRY. so you are telling me all these folks CARRY all this crap everyday, everywhere? somebody is bsing here.

  3. AnonymousJune 12, 2014

    He's in the military. Yes, "edc means every day CARRY" for us military "folks". Go onto a military post and see how many joes walk about with some sort of back pack. Also, given his introduction, he's one of the combat arms types that lives this stuff day in and day out. And I quote from his introduction : "Also it's not like I'm taking the train or bus to work. This pack goes from my house to the car to my office and back." Fairly certain when/if he goes to downtown Ginowan or Nago, he probably carries something of less bulk...but that's probably not everyday he goes downtown.

    Depending on your circumstances, it's probably fairly easy to blur the lines between EDC and a get home bag. I'm sure a lot of people EDC a GHB all the time.

    Everyone's background is different. He's a first aid/wilderness survival instructor...don't you think that color's his perceptions on his particular needs? Probably the same way someone with a LE background packs a little differently. I thought that was the point of the series. But hey, I'm just bsing here.

    1. riverriderJune 14, 2014

      i wasn't speaking only to this post but to the general contest entries. i was infantry for 10 years and 19 more in support. i never had need of a bob full of gear except on deployment. i'm just saying that, maybe with joe's possible exception, either these guys are carrying too much or not carrying it at all but leaving it in the car,locker whatever. edc is what gets you to your other gear, not humping a load a sherpa would balk at. just my opinion, like a$$holes, every has at least one:)

    2. The "at least" gave me the giggles. Am I allowed to say that? Giggles?

  4. Realistically my EDC is a SAK Explorer, bic lighter, wallet, chapstick, and my embellished dog tags. Sometimes I sleep with it. Then my gear bumps up to about 12 lbs in a backpack. I could easily have 20 lbs of walking around weight when you add water and ammo. Heck the M9 and stuff hits 5lbs +. If I leave home and plan on heading into civilization, 20lbs. With that 20lbs I feel good. 30 would be even better. So everyone is different.

  5. Hey folks,

    Greetings and thanks for your feedback on my gear loadout. I'd like to clear the air on my gear setup, first off this is my true EDC setup and I didn't change it up for this contest but understand how it could look like that. The true feeling of this contest is to show what you got and how you use it. This is mine and don't feel like it's something I should fake the funk on.

    Next, thanks for the idea on cutting the Pocket Ref and trimming down on the notebooks. I have already done this. I do have a Iphone 4S but find it hard to break old habits about stubby pencil and paper for my notes.... Old dogs and new tricks I guess. Anyway, moving on, I must say I am an odd ball on my lights, I know its better to have one type of battery but have to slowly do this, money is tight.... Uncle Sam don't pay that well.

    Admin note: I do use a smaller canvas messenger bag on the weekends while traveling round with the family. I have the same type of gear but don't need to worry about GSWs or being stuck at work for duty or going to the field during those times.

    Again, thanks for all those thoughts and viewpoints into my setup. I really wanted some good feedback and its worth its weight in gold!

    Thanks folks
    Navajo Joe
    "Keep your powder dry"

    1. Glad this has been helpful!

      FWIW, I have never been able to nor do I particularly care to consolidate below 2 types of batteries. For consolidating, AA is the smart choice, but haven't found AA lights and gadgets that do everything I want. A couple spare sets of batteries don't weigh that much.