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EDC Bag Dump Contest: Lone Ranger's EDC/GHB

This is my layout for my EDC bag/ get home bag.

I use it mainly as an everyday carry for whatever I might need while I am at work I work an an office of an industry complex and come across a wide varity of situations everyday. I also do carry this on a daily basis even if i do leave it in my car.

Starting in the upper right corner:
Computer laptop bag: I use this because its a plain backpack and has lots of pockets to keep things organized.

Zip ties: Never know what you might need them for I have small and large size.
USB Drive: able to hold important files and has important documents on it encrypted.
Charging cable for I Pad
Headphones to listen to things on my laptop
AC adapter and DC charger so i can charge from a wall outlet or in a car.
USB Cable to charge a phone.
Clorox wipes to disinfect or clean.
Wisp single use toothbrushes: In case I need to brush my teeth on the go because these don't need water.
Eyeglass repair kit
Kershaw pocket knife
Para cord bracelet
First aid kit:minimal first aid kit for cuts.
Container for medication:Ibuprofen, anti-diarheral, anti-histimins. malox tablets.
Non latex gloves
Bandana: Many different uses
Extra AA and AAA batteries
Headlamp: So I can do things with both hands and still have light
Supply of energy and protein bars: good for a snack or if I need to get home
Gatorade gum: Just in case I need a little extra hydration
Propel Gatorade packet to add to water in case I want to flavor some water
5 hour energy in case I need an extra boost
spearmint gum for some fresh breath.
My daily lunch bag
Pens, marker, highlighter, mechanical pencil, mini stapler
Glasses cleaning cloth
Mini voice recorder
Magnesium fire starter
emergency blanket:can be used as an emergency shelter if needed
instant hand warmer
Work laptop
I Pad
Folded up rain coat
Matches, cotton balls soaked in hand sanitizer bic lighter
Small roll of duct tape
nail clippers
Stainless steel water bottle
small pry bar wrapped in paracord
Work gloves
extra pair of underwear and socks in zip-lock bag
water purification tablets
rite in the rain notebook
small change organizer with extra cash compartment

All things I can use on a daily basis. This is in addition to my EDC and what is kept in the car. Most of these things can be resupplied from the car if I needed to take off on foot.

From Alex:
Thanks for sharing!

One comment - the prybar is large enough that an LEO might consider it a breaking and entering tool, which can cause legal entanglements in some areas. Fairly bulky for something that probably sees little to no use unless you're in the de-construction business. Probably scratches the hell out of stuff, too. I'd relegate it to the car kit or leave at home unless there's a specific reason for it.

I'll leave it up to the tribe for any other commentary!