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EDC Bag Dump Contest: JS

I have been silent member of the prepping/survival community too long and I decided this was a great opportunity to start out. I can share a few ideas and get some sound advice from experts in the field.

Anyways, I’ll include a bit of background so the EDC bag can fit in context.  I am a runner, lightweight backpacker, former chemistry now medical student living in the suburbs of a moderately sized city. The idea behind my pack is it has my daily needs, some light survival items and is kept light enough that in the event of any real problem I could just run the 7 miles home (since I take public transportation).

I decided to go with a more vertical approach for a picture just to change things up; I really don’t organize things this way. Essentially everything but food, iPad, hat/gloves, and water fit neatly within the front pocket leaving the main pocket open for the bigger things. And nothing but the water bottle outside.

The pack is a cheap but reliable sling bag from Eddie Bauer; it’s very subtle and lightweight but fits everything with some room to spare. I opted for a sling bag because it fits snugly in the small of my back and is the only thing that doesn’t bounce when I run with it. Plus it can be easily swung to a side for easy access or put in front of my body for when the bus gets crowded.

Going from top to bottom, in the strap pocket is my mini hygiene kit with a contact case, small sunscreen, vial with insect repellant, a yard of TP and a single packaged wipe. Dangling off the left is my RAVpower 3000mAh charger (also has a very bright light), charging cords, wall charger, and headphones.

Dangling from the right is my Leatherman PS (I love this tool and use it about every day and honestly it’s all the multitool I ever need) and peanut lighter. These I usually keep on my keys but since I’ve never posted my on person EDC I’ve included them. I also have a wallet that holds a 1.5” folder, small USB, and various other knickknacks and a Galaxy S3 in an Otterbox. Anyways a little lower is a small case with an emergency blanket and poncho rolled up for just in case. Up and to the right dangling is my chapstick wrapped in duct tape, and microfiber towel with a quarter of a bandana (for messier tasks) jammed in there.

On the ground, is my Stanley 32 oz. stainless steel waterbottle (great for storage, cleaning, and boiling – the top unscrews to leave you with just the cup). Above it is a jetboil spoon and to the side is lunch. It looks like today is sandwiches, carrots, melons, and a granola bar. To the side are two clif bars for backup and along the back is my CRKT M16 folder. For school I use an iPad 2 with Logitech keyboard (much lighter than a laptop my classmates use). Off to the sides is a small hat and gloves.

Finally, my ‘in case I need something box’ or what used to be my altoids tin. I could spend a whole post on this but I’ll simply list the contents and explain them later if any questions arise. My main purpose with this is versatility, and accessibility as such I made fold outs with tape and foil. Here goes: Pelican case 1010, with six feet of paracord wrapped behind it, mirror, razor blades, vial of isopropyl alcohol, gorilla tape, mini bic, several needles of various lengths, P38, match striker, mini altoids tin (has peptobismol, ibuprofen, dramamine, caffeine pills, immodium, acetaminophen, anti-histamine, and a few prescription meds). In the main body: triple antibiotic, sun screen, sugar & salt packet, sting relief, sticky notes, lip balm packet, steristrips, moleskin, bandaid, hydrocortisone cream, pack of nitrile gloves, small LED light, small whistle, woundseal (coagulant), wire, safety pins, floss, string, electrical tape, eyelit screws, ear plugs, small pencil, wire saw, 20lb fish line, hooks, lures, sutures, button compass, packet of cotton with vasoline, paperclip, purification tablets, small bag, map of city with emergency contact info/survival info written on back, firesteel, matches, qtip, pen refill, vial of baking soda, and vial of potassium permanganate.

I know that list seems ridiculously long for one little case but it is mostly single use items that fit very snugly together in one compact pack. I drop this in backpacking, fishing, or just about anywhere I go so it’s well-used and familiar. Thanks so much for this opportunity to get some great feedback, let me know what you guys think.

From Alex:
Nice kit! Covers off on a lot of the stuff I look for in an EDC environment. The little Leathermans are real powerhouses of functionality for their size.

I've done a lot of talking lately while the tribe has been largely quiet, so I'll toss it over to the gurus to see if they've got any recommendations for ya.