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EDC Bag Dump Contest: Dub's Bag Dump

I am a psychiatric social worker and travel the Greater Columbus (Ohio) area visiting people in their homes and in community. I often alternate between my car and motorcycle, depending on weather and job needs. So, I need a bag I can wear comfortably when I ride. Most standard backpacks are to chunky and not comfortable for riding, while a laptop bag offers a more streamlined design with usually more storage pockets inside. Also, my bag looks like all the others out there.
My EDC is based on the possibility of something terrible happening and all I have is this bag, either out in the community or stuck in my office. I could be on the side of town farthest away from my home and I would need items to assist me in returning home to meet my wife and then further assess what to do next. I am figuring on a possible 20-mile trip home on foot through varied urban and/or rural terrain as the worst scenario.

I do have a well stocked GHB in my car’s trunk, so the following gear would be all I have if I’m riding or stuck in my office, or as extra gear for the car GHB when driving.

I don’t have extra clothes in my bag as I am normally wearing weather appropriate and comfortable clothing and shoes (no real work dress-code), and/or motorcycle jacket, pants, gloves and helmet.

  • Belkin “Core” 15.6” Laptop Backpack (comfortable, good storage, aerodynamic for riding)
Inside Bag:
  • Zippered Portfolio (work stuff, fits in the laptop section of bag)
  • Leatherman Style PS
  • Photon Micro (white LED)
  • USB flashdrive (work and personal stuff, encrypted)
  • Pens (blue only)
  • Qwik Clot Trauma Kit
  • Collapsible Rolled bottle w/carabiner
  • Advil in travel bottle
  • Hand cleaner spray
  • Small hotel lotion
  • Lite My Fire Spork w/ziploc baggie of salt and pepper packs (lunch seasonings)
  • Clif, Power Bars, etc. (rotated in and out as eaten or age)
Maxpedition Pocket Organizer:
Maxpedition Micro Organizer:
  • USB cig lighter adapter
  • Retractable USB charging cable
  • USB quick charger w/extra AA
EDC on person:
  • Ruger LCP w/spare mag (if riding)
  • Beretta Nano w/spare mag (if driving)
  • Wenger “Highlander” knife w/ Olight I3 EOS AAA on TEC pocket clip
  • Small Bic lighter
  • Chapstick
  • Sog Flash I
  • Cell phones (work and personal)
  • Wallet (usual stuff: drivers license, CHL, cards, cash, AMA Card…)
  • Car or Motorcycle and House Keys
  • Work ID in retractable lanyard 
From Alex:
Nice, well rounded bag! Good organization with the subloads - helps keep things from becoming too chaotic.

One omission looks to be spare batteries. Add a small handful of AAAs for those lights.

A full-size Leatherman like the Wave is one of my most-used items - hard to beat for all around use.

Given the nature of the bag, I don't see the fishing kit coming in handy during a 20 mile walk home. It likely takes up little to no weight or space, so no biggie.

The spare pistol mags would be better riding in some kind of mag pouch like the Galco Pocket Magazine Carrier.

That's it from me!