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YouTube Picks - 5/9

Max Velocity 'Thermal Poncho' Test w/ Apache FLIR

This is pretty cool. They were using army ponchos w/ space blankets underneath. The thermal masking is impressive.

A bizarre promo for the Walking Dead in Japan. Apparently, it is all kimono based and airs on Fox.

 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

The Ape Apocalypse (or is it the APE-ocalypse?) is coming and it looks awesome!

And Dave Canterbury shows his haversack kit. Dave used to do kit dumps like this all of the time, good to see another one. For some reason, Dave never carries any food, but I guess he can probably kill any woodland creature at will, so why bother?


  1. Day TripperMay 09, 2014

    That is pretty awesome. I've heard that sheets of glass can deflect thermal imaging as well, but it would be transparent to the naked eye. Seeing as how I have some army ponchos and different types of thermal blankets in my supplies, I'm going to add this to the list of equipment that can serve more than one purpose...just in case the Russians invade with helicopters and FLIR cameras. :)

  2. Dave always carries food when not doing an advanced class, along with a garbage can full of monster energy and cigarettes :)

  3. Always been a Planet of the Apes fan since I was a kid in the 70s starting with the original movies series and TV series. I will be seeing it.

    While the FLIR test was interesting clothing with IR protection was provide a lot of the same effect. I have seen clothing provide good IR cover but the head and hands radiate when not properly covered. The key to defeating the helicopter FLIR is proper clothing and dense tree and brush cover. Linked a video showing how the heavy growth provided cover from the FLIR. The Helicopter was only able to regain a visual when he broke into a clearing. This incident occurred on a moonless night where it was so dark you could not see more than 5 feet without the aid of a flashlight. The suspect was able to literally run by the K9 and the dog did not see him because of the lack of moon light or ambient light.