> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Updates, some thoughts and notes on the EDC Bag Dump contest, ramblings and such



Updates, some thoughts and notes on the EDC Bag Dump contest, ramblings and such

Been busy in real life, which has distracted from blog time. New role at work, getting caught up on chores and projects around the house and such. Have honestly been in a state o' mild writer's block when I do sit down to try to crank something out, too.

Got my hands on a progressive press and have been doing some more reloading as I can grab a bit o' time with the pres. Will have some reviews and thoughts up in a bit.

Sounds like most folks have received their t-shirts and are enjoying them. Looks like our shipping department (me!) managed to only screw up one order, and that's been sorted out. I don't foresee another run of T's in the immediate future unless there's an outcrying for more.

For those who have asked, the stickers will be up shortly. They'll be bundled with something else in a 'morale pack', and I'm waiting on that something else. Stay tuned.

On the EDC Bag Dump contest. I've got a few in the queue that I'm behind on, and will get caught up over the weekend.

It's been interesting to see the stuff that comes in. There are kit items that seem to be pretty universal, and things that I thought would be more common that aren't. Some folks have built more contingency gear into their bags, others carry pretty much what they need to get through the average day.

If you're thinking about sending in an entry, here's a hint: make your entry stand out. If your every day carry gear is pretty mundane and bland, at least take an interesting picture of it or call out some detail about your favorite/most unusual item. Give it that sizzle factor.

I'll do a dump of my current EDC bag after the wrap up of the contest, though it hasn't changed dramatically from what I've posted in the past. Slimmed down, if anything.

To those who have entered thus far - thanks! If you're thinking about it, shoot an entry over to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com