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YouTube Selections - 4/25 - Long Range Mosin, Jerry Miculek and more!

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Mosin Nagant at 1000 yards...with irons

Not bad for a 100 year old rifle and surplus commie ammo.

Lots more after the jump!

Jerry Miculek sets speed record with his 9mil revolver

Jerry showing off his cool new 929 JM Performance Center revolver...8 rounds of 9mm. Pretty much made for what Jerry does better than anyone else...shoot and reload revolvers really fast. Lots of slow-mo in the second half, include some incredible stuff of Jerry's reloading technique.

Secret compartment on a Leathman Charge

FerFAL with a handy little trick for stashing some small items inside a Leatherman Charge or Wave multitool. I friggin' could not live without my Charge...need about 5 more...and this makes is that tad bit more handy. Cool!

Trailer for The Last Ship

New series premiering this summer 'bout a Navy warship carrying the cure to a pandemic that has swept to the world. Looks like it could be good!

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  1. Ya Nagant's are pretty great! Best $100 money can buy! Sure there's no detachable magazine and there's a slower rate of fire because its not semi-auto, but those things don't matter so much in a lot of situations--pretty much anything besides a CQB gunfight. I think the Nagant makes a great TEOTWAWKI gun. They are absolutely bullet proof, its a powerful round, they're versatile, and you can still horde the ammo for fairly cheap. Good for hunting large game, general defense, or even a guerrilla gun of sorts.