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Mental Exercise: The 1 Minute Shopping Spree

Next time you've got a minute to kill in a random gas station or corner drug store, here's a little game I like to play.

The balloon has gone up, the crap has hit the fan and you have only a minute or two to buy any last minute supplies--either to help get you home or help get you through the hard times to come. Now, how much cash do you have in your pockets? What would you buy?

What would be useful? What would sell out first? What do you think people would overlook? What would you need the most?

Do you have enough cash on hand to get what you'd want? Fill up the tank with gasoline and the trunk with bottled water? Extra water and food for the trek home?

Pretty easy to put into practice. Give yourself a budget, pull up the stopwatch on your phone, give yourself a minute or two and see how you do. Does it take you longer than planned? How well did you do?

Making your plans dependent on a last minute trip to the gas-n-gulp is unwise, but it doesn't hurt to put some pre-thought into making the most of an opportunity if it presented itself.

Anyone else tried this?