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Sale on 308

A pretty smokin' deal on 308 for plinking today: 38 cents a round, delivered and not accounting for the Plano can! Thought I would pass this along - act fast because it will sell out rapidly.

The details from AmmoMan:

The sale will start at 12 p.m. (Noon, Eastern Time) on Thursday, February 6. At that time, visitors to the site will find the loose-pack deal on this page: 

The deal itself is 150 rounds of mixed-brand brass .308 in a Plano ammo can for $57 delivered. There are no tracers in the mix. Quantities are extremely limited, we have 48 ammo cans to offer folks. Because of this limited opportunity, we are limiting customers to one ammo can per order.

As quickly as this sold out last time, we urge shooters to plan to go through check out process quickly. Generally, you can check out fastest with a created account. If you wish to create an account, please head here:


  1. I just ordered one can and then I realized I have a 30-06 Springfield not a 308! Got too excited when I saw cheap ammo. I have begun to question my 30-06 purchase vs a 308. I wanted to get the groups opinion on this one. Should I look to trade, can I swap out a barrel to a 308, or should I stick with the 30-06.
    Thanks Everyone

  2. Replies
    1. It is a Savage 30-06- Honestly- Haven't even shot it yet, Its been in the safe for a couple years. I got a real good deal on the 30-06 when I bought the 22lr also

    2. 30-06 will punch through level III body armor(plates) where a .308 will not. Would need IV body armor(plates) to stop 30-06. It has it advantages, but you might want something in 5.56 also.

    3. As a dedicated long range or big game rifle, there is nothing wrong with a 30-06 bolt gun. I would personally choose 308, but 30-06 is plenty common and good at what it does.

      That said, a bolt gun sitting in the back of a safe, never used in two years is not good for a whole lot more than barter. I would be inclined to trade it towards something you will use, a case of ammo, backups or spare parts.

    4. Thanks for the tips. I initially bought for hunting because it was something I really wanted to and still need to learn- I just haven't been able to get out on a hunt. Hopefully this year.

      I definitely have a friendly in the 5.56 and a couple others.

      Just bought a nice piece of land so I am setting up a range on it- so hopefully I will start putting some bullets through the Savage. Thanks Guys

  3. Will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Boo!

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for this posting. I ordered mine when it came up at work. Received the ammo already, doesn't look too bad.