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Reader Question: Vehicle Kit/Get Home Bag


I'm writing to ask your opinion on a bag for an combination emergency car kit/get home bag.  I recently found myself at my wife's place of employment with a flat tire in the middle of winter.  Fortunately I was able to take her vehicle and get the proper clothes and tools needed to put on the spare, but it really made made me realize that I don't have adequate supplies for this or any other eventuality that I may encounter with my vehicle.  I've got a list of gear that I need to procure, but I'm a bit stumped on the bag.  I'm looking for something that can keep my gear organized ie. keep the tools away from the clothes away from the food etc., and that I can hoof out of Dodge if I have to.  Any suggestions or insight you have would be very much appreciated.

If I'm storing them in bags, keep tools separated from whatever survival/emergency supplies I keep in vehicles.

Here's my line of thinking: If I need the tools, I don't want to have to dig through emergency stuff to get to them. If I need to ditch the vehicle and walk for help, I'm not going to bring the tools with me.

SO - it makes sense to keep those kits separate.

Trying to combine them into one big doesn't seem to offer much in the way of benefits. Maybe I'm misunderstanding?

I have no special recommendations for tool bags - just something durable that holds what you need it to.

For an emergency/GHB bag, my only recommendation would be a sturdy but economical backpack - probably around day pack in size - maybe something old that you've retired from active use or bought on sale. It's going to get thrashed and worn riding in the back of your vehicle, and so something 'expendable' is wise.