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E&E Image Contest: Escape and Evade in a small town...

From Mervo:

Escape and Evade in a small town.

We knew it was only a matter of time before they would come for us. We knew that the ‘Peacekeepers’ would eventually infiltrate the local partisan groups and eventually get the info they were looking for.

Thank goodness I heard the sirens miles off. That’s the advantage of working in such a small town, when things happen it doesn’t take long for word to spread. Fortunately for me I was ready to jump at a moments notice. Grab the pack, and out the door I went. “I’m headed to lunch” was all my co-workers heard before the door slammed behind me.

Sirens closer, less than a mile, taking the truck isn’t an option. “Damn,” I had a long-gun behind the seat, a HPG Mountain Serape and enough food and water for over a week. Looks like it’s going to be long, cold, hungry E&E.

Only thing on me is the usual work attire; cargo pants, mid-weight fleece top and my daily carry bag. The bag is an Arcteryx Blade 24 and while it doesn’t contain the ‘kitchen sink,’ hopefully it’s contains everything I need to get me to the safe house.

Around the back of the building, down the hill, sirens are seconds away, across a field and into Jefferson County open space. Let’s get this party started.

On person: G26 w/G19 mag, and Spyderco Military

Pack Contents:

G19, with RmR, and Surefire x300 ultra. mags x3, Fenix PD32 flashlight, Leatherman Skeletool, Field trauma kit with quickclot, US Cav tourniquet, and Olaes bandage, water purification tablets, Brunton 7/18 monocular, Garmin Rhino 650 GPS(not a fan), Goal Zero Guide Plus solar panel, Marathon ETFR, radio, Extra batteries for all electronics, altoid survival kit, and Nalgene16oz collapsible bottle.