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The Pathfinder Triple Barrel Unveiled

Dave forgets to mention the price, but provided it in the comments:

Collector's Edition Kit with chokes, adapters, knife and tomahawk: somewhere around $2400

Only 150 will be made.

Cool gun and kit, but too rich for my blood, and I'm sure most of Dave's "common man" followers.

A partnership with H&R or one of the double barrel makers like Stoeger would probably have been better suited to Dave's demographic, but I wish him and Chiappa the best of luck in selling these.


  1. Yeah, three barrels seems a bit much, great theatrical value but you have to carry thing. The website says it weighs 8 lbs - I dunno, that sounds too light to me. The advantages of having various loads is pretty nice though, but without a selective trigger to choose what is shot 1st, you have to be clairevoyent to take advantage of it.

  2. The gun has issues in and of itself but the price is looney tunes. Lets see for $1,680 you could get an H&R 12 gauge with an 8in .22 adapter ($350), an 870 turkey gun with 5 chokes ($500ish), a Stoeger type double barreled 12 gauge ($400ish) and a Ruger Bearcat .22 (balance). Or you could get an H&R with the adapter and a Remington 870 AND an H&R .22 pistol with enough ammo to hunt forever. Or a pickup bed full of H&R shotguns Or a half dozen used Remington 870's.

    A partnership with Stoeger or somebody to make a 2 trigger double barreled 21-23inch rem choked Pathfinder edition shotgun would make a lot of sense. That would be a solid all around/ hunting/ Canoe gun that could be reasonable pressed into a defensive role and could come in at a sane MSRP. I wish Dave the best on this but hope he got paid cash not a % of sales for this one.

  3. Dave has a lot of great videos and he has some really cool stuff online for sale and I'd love to go to 1 or 2 of his classes however everything he sells and his classes cost so much money it's crazy.