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Quick Review: Max Velocity's Patriot Dawn

With the ease of self-publishing, there are a LOT of survivalist/post-apocalyptic novels out there these days. Most of them a mediocre quality or worse. Even the 'big name' books from guys like Rawles can be a chore to get through.

Patriot Dawn is not one of these.

Folks who have been raving out Patriot Dawn for a while now and I should have listened sooner.

Once I picked it up, I plowed through it in a couple of days. It's taken a place atop my short favorite survival/post-apocalypse books and on the short list of books.

Quick synopsis: economic collapse, terror attacks and cyber warfare allow leftist extremists to seize control of the federal government. Quickly, they start setting up a socialist regime that would make Stalin proud, complete with RFID identity chips.

We follow former Army Ranger Jack Berenger as he bugs out with his family from the city, escaping Regime hit squads, and heads for the hills. There, he joins up with the Resistance and gets to work training up a force to fight a guerrilla war against the corrupt dictators that have taken control of the region.

Max's experience and knowledge of modern light infantry operations are what makes this book tick...and once it gets going, it is awesome. I've not encountered a book with Patriot Dawn's level of detail around small unit tactics...for someone who has not served in light infantry, it is eye opening and vastly instructive.

Lots of action, military firepower...and several great battle scenes with the outgunned Resistance facing off against the technologically and numerically superior Regime forces. Great stuff, with a constant pace that keeps the pages turning.

I never read books twice--seriously. I can count the books I've read multiple times on one hand. But Patriot Dawn will get another read from me, with a notepad handy.

Highly recommended.

Patriot Dawn is Available on Amazon >

BTW: I've got Max's Contact! traveling in the mail my way...expecting some similarly eye opening and instructive stuff.