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AR-10 for the Apocalypse

AR-10 for the Apocalypse

Nice ad from PWS, filmed at an abandoned concrete plant with a very nice rifle. Their homepage teases some more end-of-days themed marketing.

Side Note: Black is still the official color of the apocalypse.


  1. Changed my battle rifles over to REPR's from LWRCI. Yes, is was incredibly expensive, but they operate 100% of the time and I'm going out to do a torture test in -11 degree weather to prove it. The 7.62 round is better at everything except weight and is available all the time. The old black tip projectiles are available to load AP and can really help when you need to go through a structure or vehicle. Even ball rounds are devastating to man and machine alike.

    1. The REPR is an incredible rifle with huge long range potential - great choice!

  2. When I get a chance to do a full review, I'll send it to you. I have a 20" with the 11.25 twist barrel and a 18" with a 10 twist and Gemtech brake. Both have Geisselle triggers and Urban ERT slings. The 20 has a Leupold on it and the 18 carries a Trijicon Tri Power until I can afford an Elcan Specter DR.

    The biggest detractor to the rifles would have to be the weight. I'm planning to take a class with the 18" and I'm going to have to really work up to it. I was beat after 30 minutes of drills with it. I can't imagine a full course of fire with 1k to 1400 rounds fired.