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Top 10 of 2013

As we close out 2013, I wanted to look back over our most popular posts from the year and provide some color commentary to go along with it. It's been a fun ride - thank you for hanging on!

#10: Bug Out Trailers
Who knew a random Yaeger video and a few random thoughts and conjecture would prove to crack the top 10? While having a trailer dedicated solely to the less-likely prospect of abandoning home and hearth for the untamed highways of the post-apocalyptic world is not practical for most of us, a utility or camper trailer can serve double-duty easily enough.


#9: Review of the Haley Strategic Incog Holster
The Incog is just about everything a kydex-type inside-the-waistband holster should be. Highly adjustable, fast, secure, easily removable if needs be. Still one of the best designs out there and worth the premium paid.

#8: Our Review of the Costa Leg Rig
Complete coincidence that the two former Magpul Dynamics all-stars are side-by-side in the count down - or perhaps it's fate? The CLR has continued to grow in popularity over the course of the year and for good reason - it is comfortable and highly adaptable for whatever you need it to carry. I've used mine several times throughout the year and have only good things to say about it. I'm not a huge fan of big, bulky war belts - and, if you do some research, they are not popular with most of the professionals operating today. The CLR lets you carry a light warbelt load in an easy to access area, while still maintaining a low profile and not hindering mobility.

#7: The Prologue to You Took Away Tomorrow
At this point, I had no clue where YTAT would go, and it really took off and gained a life of its own, on its way to 25 chapters and tens of thousands of words.

#6: The Everyday Carry Bag Series, Part 2

#5: The Everyday Carry Bag Series, Part 1

#4: The Everyday Carry Bag Series, Part 3
While I like the apocalyptic stuff as much as anybody, I'm also a practical guy. Everyday carry bags have been one of our 'niches' in the preparedness world, so it was no surprise that this 3-part series was one of our most popular of the year. Also, everyone loves gear show and tell, so it was also no surprise that the 'bag dump' was the most popular.

Since this post, I've trimmed down the EDC load a bit and spent four months trying to make a shoulder bag work. It didn't - partly due to lack of good options out there on the market - and I've gone back to my familiar Camelbak Urban Assault. Most of the gear  remains the same, though I've trimmed back on the food carried.

#3: Experiments with the Kit Bag:
Some random thoughts about pressing the HPG Kit Bag into an E&E or rifle support role. The Kit Bag is a great piece of gear, especially if you spent lots of time in the backwoods - bushcrafting, backpacking, off-roading or hiking.

#2: The Snub Nose Revolver:
I have an admitted fondness for short barreled revolvers of all kind - there's just something about 'em, and the ease-of-carry and practicality makes them more than just eye-candy. The snubbie is often misunderstood and maligned, and this popular post gave a reality-based rundown on their virtues and weaknesses.

#1: The Chapter Index for You Took Away Tomorrow
By far the most traffic, though admittedly, folks catching up on back chapters would likely come here multiple times. This was a lot of fun to write and the highlight of my blogging year. The input from you guys and gals in the audience was hugely valuable in shaping the direction of the story and the character's actions so thank you!

The 'book' version is coming along slower than I'd like, but will be a much refined, improved and exciting rendition of what you read here. Some poking and prodding from you guys would be helpful in keeping me on track :)