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The Walking Dead - Mid-Season 4 - How Last season should have ended

Spoiler alert! You have been warned.

Well, seems like the first half of this season has been basically a big reset from the end of season 3.

First, we had to kill off the leftover citizens from Woodbury with the mystery illness. These folks were never going to last long, but we all knew a lame plague was not going to kill off any of the main characters.

Then, we had to build the Governor back up to a threat with an army. And try to humanize him a bit...do some soul searching before turning him back into the psychotic killer we all know.

We did finally get the big prison vs Governor showdown, and it was intense, brutal and tragic...but, we should have had it at the end of last season, and not have to be subjected to a string of what I have thought to be fairly dull, throwaway episodes.

So, big happenings. The Prison has fallen. Hershel died a horrible, gruesome death. That sucked, a lot, as ol' one leg is one of the only stable, capable characters on the show. 

The Governor is apparently dead, though we didn't SEE him die...and if you don't see someone die, well, they are probably still alive and kicking. I want him to be dead, hope he is dead, but think we might see him come back. The girlfriend and her sister could have gotten him out...the girlfriend is a nurse, could sorta patch that katana wound up...Why Michonne wouldn't chop off Govies head is beyond me.

Along those lines, we were made to think Baby Judith became a zombie snack, but I think Tyrese and the Carol Squad saved her. Safe bet on that one.

So, the group is scattered to the four winds...the bus, Maggie's group, Tyrese and a bunch of little girls, Daryl and Blondie, and beat up Rick and Carl. Another example of why your group needs a bug out plan, as well as contingency rally points for when the crap hits the fan. And commo equipment - even simple walkies - to help with the reunion.

What did you think? Thoughts on the season so far? Any takeaways from the battle for the prison?