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Quick Review: Inforce WML

The Inforce WML has been out for a while now and been getting some pretty good coverage in the gun blog-o-world. It's half the price of a Surefire x300, uses 1 CR123A battery instead of two, weighs only a few ounces and still manages to kick off a good amount of light. So, theoretically, it's a got a pretty compelling value proposition behind it.

Figured I'd give one a whirl, intending it for Project 590A1.

Unfortunately, a poorly designed pressure switch kills the good stuff that the light has going for it, at least in this version, from Haley Strategic Partners.

The problem - the switch is big and rubbery, but has a "sweet spot" that you have to press firmly to actually get the light to turn on. Too high on the switch, too low or off to one of the sides and the light will not activate correctly. The switch will actually even "click" like it has been depressed, but no light.

In the picture below, I've depressed the big pressure pad a little low. The switch has 'clicked' but obviously, no light.

In a perfect world, you'll hit the 'sweet spot' every time, but any time you find yourself needing a weapon light, things are not likely to go smoothly. In training and practice, I've found myself - numerous times - trying to activate the light, only to get nothing, or a dim flicker as the switch is only partially activated. The problem - my thumb is pressing too high or too low on the pressure pad/switch.

This particular model is the momentary-only from Haley Strategic Partners, so there's really no getting away from the lousy switch.

It's got fresh batteries and as far as I can tell, the problem is truly the design of the switch versus a defective unit. If I press the switch in the middle, with normal pressure, the light engages like it should.

I only have the one light, and I haven't heard others complain about the switch, so I'd be interest to hear if others have noticed similar problems. If you've got a momentary-only WML, let me know.

As-is, it's a complete deal breaker. Something like this needs to work predictably, every time.

My Opinion: Save your dough and get a Surefire.

Note: This light was purchased independently and not a sample provided for review purposes.

Update: I've reached out to Inforce, and they've asked me to send in the light. We'll see what they say.

Update 2: Looks like my light was functioning correctly. It has since moved onto a new home. I can't recommend the WML, at least in the HSP momentary-only format.