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James Yaeger's Bug Out Bag Experiment

Yaeger is opinionated as heck, but more often than not, I agree with him. I've been digging his new series on the "bug out bag experiment" - in part, because he's reading the comments and responding to suggestions for gear to include in his bag.

He's got three installments up now,  and gets progressively more fed up with stupid comments as the videos progress. There's some good rants around toilet paper, cookware, bugging out versus bushcrafting, setting up camp and more.

I've never personally posted up my bug out bag here on T-Blog, partly because what works for me, my situation and my environment are going to be different than what works for you, and partly because I've never gotten to the point where I've been totally happy with it. I'm getting there.

I agree with Yaeger's advice to keep the kit small, as light as possible, and focused on getting from Point A to Point B. Not some giant, 5-day backpacking kit with a full camp kitchen in tow. It should probably be small enough to ride comfortably next to you in a vehicle or on the lap of a passenger, so that you can grab it on the way out if needs be.

Small assault pack size, 1200 to 2000 cubic inches and some good choices will do it. Assuming you're dressed for the weather and don't live in the arctic.

Focus on the stuff that is going to be mission critical, not every odd-n-end, contingency item that you can think of. Shelter, water, food. Contingencies are why we pack duct tape.

I'm sure the actual, in-the-field portion of the bug out experiment will be even more entertaining.

Some colorful language, as usual. Worth watch, even if you disagree with him, to get a different point of view.

Interested to get your thoughts--what you agree with, disagree with, etc.