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The Walking Dead so far...

Feel like it has been a slow couple of episodes to kick off the new season of the Walking Dead.

Spoilers after the break.

So, the Walking Dead's writers sat around and started brainstorming ways to kill off the townspeople of Woodbury and came up with a case of killer swine flu. Of course, the filth, grime, close quarters and not to mention the zombies make it a perfect breeding ground for something like that.

The nerdy kid (Patrick) dying and coming back to life inside the prison was fairly creepy.

We've all been anticipating Tyrese's girlfriend's untimely demise after the reaction shot they featured in the trailers leading up to the season, so that surprised exactly no one.

Tyrese's lady friend was at least torched by an insider--we don't know if she was dead and zombified or if the prison's self-elected hazmat squad killed her off as a precaution. Either way, not good mojo.

And then there's the matter of whoever is feeding the zombies mice. I'm guessing its the stupid older sister and unrelated to the hazmat torchings, but maybe not.

Anyone else think the inside man is the vaguely creepy black guy - the one who got pinned under the alcohol display in the season opener? My money is on either him or Carol.

The next few episodes will be the Walking Dead meets CSI. Rick is done with his brief turn as pacifist Farmer Rick and will be the lead investigator on the case.

Why anyone would object to teaching their kids how to defend themselves in the current environment is beyond me. If you were old enough to use a gun, you'd have one. And if you weren't old enough for a gun or we didn't have enough to go around, you'd have bow, spear and some variety of ice pick/stabber. We'd practice for a couple hours a day.

We'd also have a buddy system in place. Nobody goes anywhere, even inside the prison, without their buddy. None of this wandering around zombie-ville by yourself.

And 24/7 watch on each cell block and a better organized QR force.

And probably more armor. I still need to watch the Mythbuster's Walking Dead special from a week back, but apparently duct tape can make some effective walker armor. Chain mail would certainly be back in fashion, at least in my group.

Anyways, hoping to see the pace pick up a bit, but generally an enjoyable couple of episodes.

What do you think? Any lessons learned or things they've done wrong that you would do differently? Let us know!