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The Walking Dead so far...

Feel like it has been a slow couple of episodes to kick off the new season of the Walking Dead.

Spoilers after the break.

So, the Walking Dead's writers sat around and started brainstorming ways to kill off the townspeople of Woodbury and came up with a case of killer swine flu. Of course, the filth, grime, close quarters and not to mention the zombies make it a perfect breeding ground for something like that.

The nerdy kid (Patrick) dying and coming back to life inside the prison was fairly creepy.

We've all been anticipating Tyrese's girlfriend's untimely demise after the reaction shot they featured in the trailers leading up to the season, so that surprised exactly no one.

Tyrese's lady friend was at least torched by an insider--we don't know if she was dead and zombified or if the prison's self-elected hazmat squad killed her off as a precaution. Either way, not good mojo.

And then there's the matter of whoever is feeding the zombies mice. I'm guessing its the stupid older sister and unrelated to the hazmat torchings, but maybe not.

Anyone else think the inside man is the vaguely creepy black guy - the one who got pinned under the alcohol display in the season opener? My money is on either him or Carol.

The next few episodes will be the Walking Dead meets CSI. Rick is done with his brief turn as pacifist Farmer Rick and will be the lead investigator on the case.

Why anyone would object to teaching their kids how to defend themselves in the current environment is beyond me. If you were old enough to use a gun, you'd have one. And if you weren't old enough for a gun or we didn't have enough to go around, you'd have bow, spear and some variety of ice pick/stabber. We'd practice for a couple hours a day.

We'd also have a buddy system in place. Nobody goes anywhere, even inside the prison, without their buddy. None of this wandering around zombie-ville by yourself.

And 24/7 watch on each cell block and a better organized QR force.

And probably more armor. I still need to watch the Mythbuster's Walking Dead special from a week back, but apparently duct tape can make some effective walker armor. Chain mail would certainly be back in fashion, at least in my group.

Anyways, hoping to see the pace pick up a bit, but generally an enjoyable couple of episodes.

What do you think? Any lessons learned or things they've done wrong that you would do differently? Let us know!


  1. I'm definitely anxious for the action to pick up again. My money is also on the older girl being the one feeding the zombies.

    The zombies falling through the roof during their supplies run bothered me. All of these people have survived for quite some time in a world full of zombies, but they panic and stand around like dummies when something happens? Anyone still alive at this point in time would be a veteran zombie killer and survivor.

  2. My votes are on the older sister feeding the walkers and Carol taking care of the hazmat. She didn't hesitate taking care of the dad and I can see her seeing the sick as a health threat.

    I can kinda understand farmer Rick wanting the kids to have a normal non-violent childhood but that just don't work. It appears bad-ass Rick feels differently. Personally, I would start them out on clubs and bats then work up to spears as they got older. Then knives, bows and firearms as they matured.

    Two questions I have are why haven't they reinforced the fence. Bring in some buses and trucks and park them along the inside of the fence. Something like Woodbury did.
    My second question is why didn't the two people in the guard tower see the flashlight. I just don't understand what they coulda been doing.

    Dwayne W.

    1. "I just don't understand what they coulda been doing."
      That was sarcasm wasn't it?

  3. Any product reviews in the works? I ended up getting the Camelbak HAWG and love it. I really am missing your formerly regular reviews of gear.

    1. The HAWG is one of my favorite purchases in recent memory. I'm thinking about picking up another one, in fact. A great pack.

      And yes, some product reviews are in the works :)

  4. The reason the two in the tower didn't see the flashlight was cuz' they were "makin' whoopie" and not doing their jobs as lookouts.

  5. apropos of nothing, really, but a friend sent me one of the funnier demotivation posters I have seen - fits with "Walking Dead" , somehow :)


  6. Not sure what the human skull is made of in that universe. Probably grape fruits and watermelons.

    The fact that the pig was sick long before (24-48 hrs?) the humans suggests it was the pigs which contracted the disease first. Which suggests killing the pigs was unnecessary. All the pigs were likely exposed, and if they were almost all alive, only one was sick/dead, I see no reason to get rid of them. If they kept getting sick, it would be time to get the pig-a-pult.

    Either the disease has a long incubation period or a short one. If it has a long incubation period, I'm not sure quarantine would help much. If it has a short incubation period, then a quarantine is very smart.

    I'd like to know why they did not have makeshift locks on the doors of the prison. A piece of wire wrapped around the door and the frame, farm-gate style, would prevent anyone dead from getting in or out. It would be a minor inconvenience for the living. Compartmentalizing and limiting damage potential seems like it would be common sense.

    As was said above, I think they need new sentries.

  7. The pigs were used to divert the zombies from pushing over the gate, not to kill them off. That is why there was so much angst in Ricks face

    1. While I understood that, I can't help but think simply holding a pig on the back of that trailer and having Daryl pull forward a little at a time would do the same thing. But who knows? Maybe they require actual blood and feeding behavior to move away from the fence en-mass? I'm pretty sure the rats are what's drawing them to that particular location en-mass.


  8. jeepboy1991October 24, 2013

    Several comments here with the hope of provoking a nice discussion thread.
    It's a tv show and needs to have a great deal of drama to keep people interested and watching. We can observe the characters doing really dumb things and see how dumb thinking can really screw you and your friends.
    The season one and two Lori, Shane, and Rick triangle kept the drama going but in a ZA you would think that people would figure out to not think with their "other" organs.
    Season one, there were lots of M-16 series weapons scattered around, why did they not gather up a few? Ok, ammo was in short supply but you never know what might be found later and a couple rifles do not take up that much space in the vehicles.
    The total lack of any communication devices. In season one they had at least one "CB" radio and Rick had cleaned out the police station and had a few police radios. Admittedly, Shane said that the walkie talkies were crap and would not work with any other radios but no effort was made to find radios. Ok, the ZA caught them cold but CB radios are not unknown(truckers still use them) and FRS/GMRS walkie talkies are out there, did they never hit a sporting goods store? Also, Military vehicle radios.
    Early on, the show made Darryl (white trash redneck) properly rise in status because he knew how to hunt and he kept the group fed quite often. Why did the rest of the group never have him TRAIN them at all? ( I most surely would have ASKED him for his help)
    Quiet weapons? Gunfire draws walkers, season 3 had improvised silencers ( I understand the show does not want to show or discuss how easy it is to make a silencer, no point in giving the idea to the "less desireable elements of society" although the technology to make one is literally a century old). Darryl's crossbow has seen a lot of use and Woodberry had some bows and crossbows, why did they not take them when they abandoned Woodberry? As an aside, why did they not strip Woodberry bare when they abandoned it? this may be addressed later this season.
    Anonymous above commented on Glen and Maggie on guard duty more than once "making whoopee", makes for good drama but the rest of the group KNEW they were, so why were they paired up on guard? Guard duty is important! They have had the extreme example of the "governor" as proof that zombies are not the only thing to be afraid of, there are people out there that can be just as big a threat.
    The complete lack of a "buddy system" has bothered me in the show. One of the low budget "zombie" movies on Sci-fi channel actually explicitly addressed it with a character answering a "call of nature" and taking a "pee buddy" along. In a ZA, no one should do anything alone unless it was absolutely necessary.
    As In the comment above, a simple wire "farm gate" latch would slow down or stop a zombie inside the prison, foolish to not do. I suspect it was not done for plot device reasons.
    Again, I want to provoke some discussion, not start a flame war. I have learned several good things from this and other sites, there are people here who know things I do not. "you took away tomorrow" has REALLY provoked some well thought out discussion about things to do and not do in a crisis and how making mistakes can really screw things up. Some of the earlier walking dead threads have had some good ideas and thoughts bandied about.
    Any ideas, anyone?

  9. I don't think Glen and Maggie were in the guard tower to serve as guards - I think they went there for the purpose of getting away from everybody for some privacy. I've seen nothing that indicates they even have a designated guard/watch established.

  10. jeepboy:

    Good points on the need for radios. It is possible that, 2.5(?) years after the outbreak, batteries/electronics do not work or were worn down.

    It would seem to me Rick and crew did strip Woodberry of it's valuables. I see no indication they did not, but I also did not see a "moving everything to the prison" scene. Probably done because it would have been boring.

    I am perplexed why Darryl is the only one really seen to be "out hunting." Camp security is important, so maybe that is what everyone else was doing? Rick is eventually seen out tending the trap lines. Darryl and others are out raiding the local supermarket. By season 3, we are seeing others stepping into that role. But it took a while.

    Good point on the lack of a "buddy system" too. I can see an argument that there is too much work to do to have buddies everywhere. Splitting the group up might allow more tasks to get done in a day.....but how about putting 2 people on a job and getting it done twice as fast?

    Also, silencers/suppressors wear out. Improvised models can wear out very quickly. My understanding is that crossbow strings wear out too. Not positive, and I suppose an internet search would answer that for me, but....nawww. I'll let someone else answer that.


  11. So much to talk about. Personally if I was in a semi secure location during the zombie apocalypse I would carry a large (sword/kukuri/machete) edged weapon in addition to my rifle and pistol with a fighting load, I'm talking anywhere I went 24/7 any time other than in bed and then it would be right by my side.

    Rick getting back into play will be interesting. Not sure how the dude's GF getting burned will play out but I suspect she was sick or something.

    Sort of curious who was feeding the zombies. Next episode will be fun.

  12. I love the show but if everyone is already infected why would a non-fatal bite or injury turn someone. Just one of those Hmmm moments. Tonight will be hard. I think I will watch American Blackout on NG at 8 and catch the rerun of walking dead at 10.