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World War Z - Very Late Review

Did not make it out to see this one in theaters to see the Brad Pitt Zombie Movie aka World War Z. Was finally able to watch it this past week.

Got the "New Unrated Cut" version, though I'm not sure what's different about it...probably more gore? Yeehaw!

I went in with low expectations and was happy to have 'em exceeded.

The opening is by far the strongest part of the movie...from driving with the family to utter chaos in a matter of seconds. The scene in the grocery store was just about perfect in painting the picture of what the local Food Land would look like in that level of scenario. Not a place you want to take the family.

Then comes the running, hiding and fighting to survive. Movement is life. Makeshift bayonet on the found bolt gun, stabbing zombies left and right. Pretty much up until they hop on the helo outta Newark, it's an awesome movie.

After that point, it becomes a fairly so-so movie. The globe trotting, Where In the World is the Zombie Cure...not what we wanted. I liked the trip to Korea, the special forces guys held up their as the last remnants in their fallen base. I'd much rather have stuck with these guys for the remainder of the movie - or heck, even just brought some along for the rest of the ride...but, alas.

The rest of the movie...a bit meh. "Uneven" is what a better film critic would call it. The super human swarming zombies in Israel were silly at best. Lame ending. Too much world, not enough war. We got a few glimpses of a better movie, but sadly, 'twas not to be.

Instead of focusing on finding a cure, they shoulda just focused on killing zombies en masse. How tough is that? Come on, we all wanted to see A-10 Warthogs strafing hordes of undead and Navy SEALs fighting back wave after wave of walkers.

Hmm, maybe I should start penning that script. The Walking Dead meets Act of Valor. Coming to a theater near you, for the low, low price of $150 million!

Given the potential of awesomeness contain in the source material, and the amount of money spent, World War Z should have been better. Overall...enjoyable and worth a watch, but not great.


  1. I watched it, based on my DH's raving review. "Take Bean (13 y/o DD), she will love it!" Yeah....no.

    We did come away with some valid points from the movie:
    1. Never run with your finger on the trigger. Especially in the rain.

    2. Brad Pitt's hair is flawless. It's amazing.

    3. Pepsi will survive the zombie apocalypse.

    4. There apparently are no such things as baby or dog zombies. Because they are too scary.

    5. Seriously, his hair.

  2. I agree with you completely. I was so excited at the beginning of the movie. Then it was total crap. It all came to a tee when the two main characters survive a jet airliner crash. Seriously? And then walk to the CDC building. I did like the scene inside the CDC, but it was already too late. Thanks for your review.

  3. I agree--the globe trotting stuff was just kind of stupid. A lot of people say its totally unrelated to the source material--but I think that's what was actually behind the whole flying around the world stuff. World War Z doesn't focus on any one character or part of the world--each chapter comes from a different person in a different place. Works fine for a book but the movie needed Brad as the star, so it just ends up being about him racking up frequent flier miles. But the whole giant Israeli wall, the North Korean teeth pulling stuff--a lot of it came from the book. But ya, that works fine in a book because its a book. You read a chapter at a time and each is its own little story. But what we want from a movie isn't a travel log around the zombie world but to take just one of those stories--part of a bigger zombie infested world--and really focus in and expand on it.

    Why Brad Pitt is the best person for curing zombie flu is never really explained. He is a great "UN investigator" but don't you want a giant lab of super scientists and doctors instead of some UN bureaucrat? I guess he happens to be the best zombie fighter because he is Brad Pitt and we recognize him from Access Hollywood. Kind of reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in some of his later movies. He always is super ripped and super good at punching people in the face. But sometimes the character isn't a commando or cyborg--just an average working-Joe family man. He can kick all that A because he is Arnold, no further explanation required.

    All in all--not the greatest movie but still entertaining enough. The beginning was quite good and while it went down hill quick--its still a zombie movie. They are hard to screw up--I certainly had fun watching it.

  4. Aren't we supposed to like it, because the. U.N. clearly has the 'answer' to zombie take-overs?


  5. The original ending was more what youre talking about...the plane lands in Russia and the Russian military takes the able-bodied off the plane and forces them into zombie-elination teams, the rest are executed. The movie fast forwards a few months to where Pitt's character is now leading a team armed with not much more than hand weapons, killing zombies in the sewers and ruins of the city. A chance encounter with his confiscated sat-phone informs him that his wife has now shacked up with one of the troops that rescued them. He discovers Sangen, the one-handed Israeli chick, is still alive and kept as a toy for the corrupt military officers. Eventually winter sets in and Pitt discovers the zombies freeze solid in the cold and once that information gets out the tide of war changes. That was the original movie ending....but it was felt to be too much of a downer.

  6. I too waited for the dvd, (last theater trip was for "Serenity"). I have the book, LOVED it, and this movie .......sad, so sad. Made me think of "Starship Troopers" by Heinlein. They took the title and read the back cover of the book and made a movie totally unrelated to the book itself.
    I understand the deux ex machina (plot device) of the "zombies on warp speed" for a visual effect in an action movie, but it is obviously a plot device that is NEVER explained. Ok, I know, "Zombies" but where do they get the energy to move that fast. Energy is required to move muscles, where does it come from? The zombies do not eat enough to maintain that speed.
    SaraB is right, Brad Pitt's hair.
    The first 20 minutes are pretty good but after that, so-so at best.

    If you want an interesting Zombie adventure book, I would suggest John Ringo's new book "Under a Graveyard sky" just out this month. A very good explanation for actual "zombies" and how they could be made by an artificially tailored virus. They are not living dead, and have to eat and breathe. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and the sequel is due out next spring.

  7. I'd much rather have seen them go the route of a series of hour long HBO or Showtime episodes. Each that characters chapter from the novel, it would've lasted 3 seasons easily and would've been as good as Walking Dead. Instead we got to see "Brad Pitt's unlikely vacation...