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World War Z - Very Late Review

Did not make it out to see this one in theaters to see the Brad Pitt Zombie Movie aka World War Z. Was finally able to watch it this past week.

Got the "New Unrated Cut" version, though I'm not sure what's different about it...probably more gore? Yeehaw!

I went in with low expectations and was happy to have 'em exceeded.

The opening is by far the strongest part of the movie...from driving with the family to utter chaos in a matter of seconds. The scene in the grocery store was just about perfect in painting the picture of what the local Food Land would look like in that level of scenario. Not a place you want to take the family.

Then comes the running, hiding and fighting to survive. Movement is life. Makeshift bayonet on the found bolt gun, stabbing zombies left and right. Pretty much up until they hop on the helo outta Newark, it's an awesome movie.

After that point, it becomes a fairly so-so movie. The globe trotting, Where In the World is the Zombie Cure...not what we wanted. I liked the trip to Korea, the special forces guys held up their as the last remnants in their fallen base. I'd much rather have stuck with these guys for the remainder of the movie - or heck, even just brought some along for the rest of the ride...but, alas.

The rest of the movie...a bit meh. "Uneven" is what a better film critic would call it. The super human swarming zombies in Israel were silly at best. Lame ending. Too much world, not enough war. We got a few glimpses of a better movie, but sadly, 'twas not to be.

Instead of focusing on finding a cure, they shoulda just focused on killing zombies en masse. How tough is that? Come on, we all wanted to see A-10 Warthogs strafing hordes of undead and Navy SEALs fighting back wave after wave of walkers.

Hmm, maybe I should start penning that script. The Walking Dead meets Act of Valor. Coming to a theater near you, for the low, low price of $150 million!

Given the potential of awesomeness contain in the source material, and the amount of money spent, World War Z should have been better. Overall...enjoyable and worth a watch, but not great.