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On Guest Posts

At least once a day, I get an e-mail that goes roughly like this:


I love your blog! Really great!

I am professional writer. I was wondering if you accept guest posts. I have really interesting article written about aquarium products! I am confident your readers would find it very interesting! If you would prefer an article about something else, let me know!

Thank you!!!

Definitive Answer: NO. I am not interested in guest posts, and especially not ones on random, unrelated topics.

I have done a handful of guest posts during the 6 year life of T-Blog, and they've been done by friends/family who I know personally, and by invitation only.

If you are a well-known personality in the survival/preparedness/firearms/blade/self defense world, then we could maybe talk.

Spammers looking for publicity, go elsewhere.


  1. Gotta tell you, that is hilarious!!! Aquarium, really????

    Unfortunately less amusing to you as it's a huge waste of your time I'm sure.

    Thanks for the morning laugh nonetheless,


  2. Not even aquariums, but aquarium products. Unless they are survival aquarium products (like a new and never seen water filter that will take EVERYTHING out) or aquarium products that are a faraday cage, I'd say no.

    But I do have some oceanfront property in Arizona that I wrote an article about that I'm sure your readers will be interested in. It's remote, has pure streams and is off grid. :)

  3. Had that discussion a few times. If you'd said "sure send it and I'll take a look" you would have received a post full of URL links and SEO key words for whatever site this fellow is working for.

    I personally do accept guest posts but make it abundantly clear in that reply that any links are at my sole discretion. Somehow these types never seem to reply back after that....

  4. If it were about Aquarium meds, maybe. Luckily my site doesn't get enough hits to worry about that stuff. I get plenty of responders with hyperlinks to their sites, but they go away pretty quickly. Oddly enough, it happens on the gear reviews more than anything. Keyword association through google? I dunno.

    Stay safe!