> TEOTWAWKI Blog: First shot of Tom Hardy as Mad Max



First shot of Tom Hardy as Mad Max

Via Comic Book Resources
Looks like black is still the official color of the apocalypse.


  1. Wow...didn't know they were re-making this movie. This oughta be good !! I like Tom Hardy, too.

  2. A motorcycle - hmmmm, well, much better gas economy. Not much room for 'Dinki Di' dog food cans though . . . :^)

    About time this one was remade, its a classic. I wonder if Mel Gibson will do an obligatory appearance in this one ?

  3. Did all of the writers in Hollywood secretly die and they are just remaking anything they can?

    1. They're remaking everything. From a financial standpoint, the Hollywood execs view remakes as lower risk than something new...a Road Warrior remake with Tom Hardy as lead has a pretty big built in audience on opening weekend.

  4. There is something so iconic about the Australian Ford Falcon with the blower poking through the hood, I will certainly miss that part. Tom Hardy is a good choice for the role though.

  5. There are some odd things about this remake...
    1) It's an Aussie film, use an Aussie actor, not a British actor,
    2) Shoot it in Australia, not Africa. We have more desert and fewer people and more locations to work with... must be a cost thing?

    It should still be good, but Mad Max is an Aussie apocolypse icon, and it wil suck if it is "internationalised..."