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Reader Brainstorm: Keeping Survivalism Fun

Let's face it: being a survivalist type isn't always easy. Prepared, provident living is not exactly mainstream behavior this day; throw in a healthy measure of libertarianism, pro-2A, traditional family values and a generally independent/self-sufficient outlook and you can find yourself on the fringe pretty quickly.

Throw in the desire to maintain some level of operational security/low profile, and you end up not being able to talk to the average acquaintance about a lot of what you do in your spare time.

Add in the potential for criticism, mockery, teasing or nagging from those who are within the "circle of trust" and it can become even tougher. When your spouse, children or friends think you're foolish/crazy/paranoid, it can become even harder to stay motivated.

Sprinkle in the tendency for many in survival sphere to be negative, whiny, nit picky and close minded and things can get even tougher. If you're not doing things their way, you're doing it wrong. If you're using product X instead of product Y, you've made a grave mistake and will surely die. There's lots of bickering, lots of self-experts proclaiming their way above all others, and a heavy dose negativity and general hating at times.

The point is this: there are many forces conspiring to get you discouraged, depressed and make survivalism un-fun.

Here at T-Blog, we try to have fun with survivalism, not take ourselves too seriously and not focus on the doom, gloom and negativity in the world.

I'm interested to hear from the T-Blog tribe on this though: what do you do to keep survivalism fun while staying positive and energized?