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Dave Canterbury on Kit Mentality

While focused on surviving in the bush, Dave's advice and principles can be applied to building a kit for any environment. Great stuff.


  1. Saw this and was definitely interested. It's a pretty well thought out layered approach.

  2. Dave knows his stuff,

    You east coast / mid-west boys really like hammocks. Where I am from they aren't as popular but with snakes and scorpions about I can see why they're considered useful in da south & such.

    For weight's sake, I keep my cover weight down by using a back pack bivy sack I bought from Cabelas as a water proof full length cover bag I can crawl into. It has a built in tent bottom and can be sealed up like a tent. It is designed to be used with a sleeping bag that you put into it but I don't always carry the sleeping bag.

    When I am minimal back packing I'll use an inexpensive light weight 40f degree rated sleeping bag that I picked up from a local sporting goods store for $29.00 with that and a back pack pad (similar to Dave's).

    I'm using very similar water storage systems and fire starting gear to Dave's. I like having a leatherman multi-tool as one of the knives. My bulk is lower than Dave's and weight is probably lower too. I'm substituting the light weight sleeping bag for the wool blanket for a similar load out.

    Just a couple cents from Colorado