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Cast Bullets + Black Powder + Glock

It actually cycles. Very cool.  Odd-ball contingency reloading is fascinating to me for some reason.

Don't try at home...


  1. That is pretty cool. I guess this would be good to know if all you had was blackpowder and a Glock. I guess it is like shooting a blackpowder shotgun shell. Obviously, not a good idea at all if you have a choice

    1. 12 gauge was originally a BP load, and lots of cowboy action shooters run BP loads for fun. BP out of a Glock...not so much.

  2. Black powder Burns with lower pressures.
    No way this is torturing a modern firearm.
    Many modern cartridges started out loaded with black powder.
    Now your on the right track.....dig a bit deeper and figure out how we re-make primers.
    Hot melt glue and birdshot molded make a great bullet.
    Black powder is simple to make.

    1. Torture in terms of pressure - no. Torture in terms of "doesn't seem like it should work"...yes.

      Lots of other options than glue and bird shot...bullet casting is a fairly popular hobby amongst reloaders.

  3. Right on Hickok45! I've been shooting homemade cast bullets and smokeless powder for few months, haven't tried black powder yet. For this reason I've been considering adding a 1911 to the collection. 45 ACP is much more amenable to shooting cast bullets without leading than 9 mm.

  4. I saw a magazine article back in the '80s that had a MAC-10 machinegun firing 45ACPs loaded with all the black powder that would fit in the case under a 230 grain round nose lead bullet. It actually shot and cycled on full auto. The article said the cleanup was a royal pain, BP fouling all thru the action.