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Short Film/Concept for Lights Out Movie

Survivalists! Mutant zombie bikers! Really good production values! Odd battle tactics. Check it out.

Edited to add: I do think this and other "Prepper" movie efforts face an up hill battle pleasing their intended niche audience. Unlike most audiences, survivalist-types tend to have a laser focus for accuracy in firearms and, to a lesser extent, tactics. We love to nitpick this kind of stuff. For those especially prone, remember that it's all entertainment, and on a limited budget at that.

What impressed me most was the production quality - the aerial shots, professional cinematography and yes, apparently even actors from the Walking Dead!

Here's an update from the Lights Out Saga Facebook page:

Lights Out Saga is an independent film series based on the wildly popular book "Lights Out" by David Crawford. We are making a series of three feature-length films based on the story, which will be seen in millions of homes. Here's a short film that will give you an introduction to our work. We start filming in just a few months, and anticipate having all three movies "in the can" in 2014.