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Short Film/Concept for Lights Out Movie

Survivalists! Mutant zombie bikers! Really good production values! Odd battle tactics. Check it out.

Edited to add: I do think this and other "Prepper" movie efforts face an up hill battle pleasing their intended niche audience. Unlike most audiences, survivalist-types tend to have a laser focus for accuracy in firearms and, to a lesser extent, tactics. We love to nitpick this kind of stuff. For those especially prone, remember that it's all entertainment, and on a limited budget at that.

What impressed me most was the production quality - the aerial shots, professional cinematography and yes, apparently even actors from the Walking Dead!

Here's an update from the Lights Out Saga Facebook page:

Lights Out Saga is an independent film series based on the wildly popular book "Lights Out" by David Crawford. We are making a series of three feature-length films based on the story, which will be seen in millions of homes. Here's a short film that will give you an introduction to our work. We start filming in just a few months, and anticipate having all three movies "in the can" in 2014.


  1. From what i saw, you need a lot of range time..If you knew that you were gonna be hit,why didn' you form a "L" shapped ambush or a "U" shaped ambush?? Once the leader was I.D', he should have been the first to die..STUDY and use good tactics and live...

  2. Two guys from the third season of the Walking Dead. The big guy with the belt fed was Big Tiny, and the leader of the barricaded group was Allen.

  3. It's a good thing they were hiding behind those wooden pallets!

  4. How many times have we all read (much less practiced): "Cover, not concealment"?!

  5. bales of hay and wooden pallets??? really stupid, at least some had metal barricades like the tractor bucket. Why even have a pitched battle in the first place, if you know they are coming enough to setup those kinds of barricades then just setup pits, traps and snipers.

  6. It looks interesting and hope to see more. Now on to the other issue. The average person does not understand cover and concealment. The average shooter will shoot at what they can see, they will not attempt to shoot through concealment if they have never been taught. An example of that is a hunter who will wait until the prey is in an open area before taking the kill shot. They do not want to take the chance the bullet will be affected by the brush thus missing the shot. Anyone else with military, LE, or even some tactical training will take a different approach on the cover/concealment issue. In this situation if all we had was concealment I would have my defenders shoot from a prone position around the different concealment points not over the top. Remember these people have to make due with what might be around them and nothing more.

  7. Ah this clip is based on the "Lights Out" book. I wonder if this is the scene when the neighborhood is attacked by the former neighbor who was ex-military and had all the stolen military weapons. I think his name was John!

  8. I am sorry but this movie is stupid. Why would the bikers have conducted a frontal assault on such a poorly defended area, when they could have sent a small force to engage the defenders from the front, while sending a bigger force to cross the creek further up and out flank the defenders?

    I find these types of movies dangerous, since the average weekend Rambo will believe that this is how fire fights should be fought.

    Also, there is a name for people who hide behind hay stacks, plastic drums and wood pallets. That name is DEAD!

    1. It is meant to be entertainment Anom not a training video. If you are getting your tactical training from movies. Well your first sentence pretty much covers it!!!!!!

  9. Tactics aside, the battle scene came off a bit cheesy to me with the exaggerated "evil" facial expressions, masks on some, and the motorcycles. Hopefully the real film won't be a big cheese fest.