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Update on You Took Away Tomorrow

New entry is incoming tomorrow morning.

For those who have asked about scheduling, I'm aiming for Monday mornings and midweek for new updates. If/when real life rears its ugly head, the midweek post is the one that will get pushed. They are fun to write, but also a fair amount of work, which real life may not always accommodate.

I've added a chapter index in order to keep everything organized and up to date.

Thanks for all the kinds words, support and enthusiasm. I've been meaning to write some survival fiction for a long while now, and this has helped get things rolling.

For those not "into" the series, don't worry, I will be keeping up with non-fictional posts as well. Gear reviews, survival kits, strategery, guns and so on aren't going anywhere.


  1. Excited for the new chapter! Looks like I'll be refreshing T-blog all day!

  2. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    Greetings A.W. from north of the 49th /// love the series /// hear you on "real life" - it does move us on now doesn't it?

  3. This is as good as anything in this class of writing I would have happily paid for this as a book so why don't you add a pay-pal donation button? I would give you some money for this! Hell 5 bucks here 5 bucks there adds up!