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The Last Ship - Surviving a Pandemic with Jayne from Firely

Well, it's got a pandemic, Phalanx systems, big explosions, a big budget and Jayne from Firefly (Adam Baldwin - also a great patriot and pro-2A guy). I'm in. Coming to TNT in 2014. What think ye?

Apparently, the show is loosely based on a book of the same name - The Last Ship by William Brinkley. Anyone read it? Any good? Amazon reviews are mixed.


  1. I really liked the book having devoured it when I first became enamored with dystopian literature and had access to more than the high school library. It's a bit hokey, especially in the end, but with the preview, I recognized very little of the story line.

  2. AnonymousMay 09, 2013

    Has the same look as "Last Resort", different story line but same look. Only concern is how do you keep it going onboard a ship over multiple episodes. Last Resort started getting old quick and they had scenes on the sub, the island and Washington DC. If the writers are brilliant AND if they seek out experienced sailors, epidemiologist, etc. to advise them it will be great. If not, it will end up being a craptacular show like Failing Skies or Revolution. Hope for the former but expecting to see the latter.

  3. Wasn't a bad book, but it really didnt add anything new to the genre. It's essentially a 'lifeboat' situation that we've seen in countless books and films, just with the setting changed. An entertaining read but not sure theres enough in there to sustain a series.