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Survival Scenarios: You Input is Needed

Tribe - I wanted to introduce a new series that I am going to start working on. We'll be putting a fictional group of survivalist/prepper types into a CHTF (crap hits the fan) situation, and then following them through the ordeal with a series of "what would you do" scenarios.

How will it work?

I will introduce a problem that our heroes will find themselves presented with--say, they need to find a surgeon to fix up a wounded group member--and then you will get a chance to think through the problem, how you would respond and generally do some armchair quarterbacking.

Based on your comments, I will then write up a short fictional account of the group's actions and the consequences. The scenarios will generally be interconnected, so the choices made in one scenario will lead into the next.

So, a sort of shared story-telling and battle planning.


Training and role playing situations is one of the most effective means of preparing for doing something for real. Any time you hit the firing range, shoot targets and run drills, you're doing that in preparation for really having to shoot a bad guy. Along those lines, practicing thinking through and responding to life-or-death decisions can help you prepare for the real thing.

And, it should be quite a bit of fun, too.

Your Input:
But, before we get stared, I need an apocalyptic, CHTF scenario to throw the group into, and that's where I'm looking for your first input. What should it be? I'm looking for something severe enough to eventually knock out the Federal Government and put our heroes into a months to years long grid-down, chaotic situation. Pandemic? Zombies--if you're not tired of them. Asteroid collision? Economic collapse and civil war? Limited-to-full scale nuclear exchange? Yellowstone eruption? EMP attack or solar flare?

Let me know!