> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Repacking




Took some time after work to adjust my daily carry bag for my adjusted daily circumstances. Mostly shifting stuff out - it was in need of a slim down - some of which will end up in a vehicle bag, others I will try living without and see what happens. The pack may get further trimmed down, but I was able to cut 2 or 3 pounds, which ain't bad for a bag that weighs under 10 to begin with.

At the same time, I also took some time to repack my go bag - shifted placement of items, added a few things from my EDC bag and removed a few things that had been shoved in for the move. I'm going to trim a bit further here and want to re-do some areas. Example: somehow, my go bag ended up with a crappy fire kit, and the good stuff got put into storage. Yarg.

I find that there's something calming and a bit soothing about repacking. Focus in on the task, bust out the scale, trim the excess and zone in on what you need. It's fairly rewarding too - you end up with a pile of unneeded gear and tactile weight cut from the pack in question.

If you haven't repacked one of your bags or kits lately, I highly recommend it.


  1. I am sort of doing the same thing. Ended up getting a nice used backpack for $20. It became my 'EDC' bag. My other stuff will go into a relatively beefed up car/ GHB.

  2. Day TripperMay 03, 2013

    I try to clean out and repack my stuff every couple of months. Different seasons bring different needs. Plus when it comes to EDC stuff, if I haven't used an item in a few months it probably doesn't need to be in there anyway. I used to carry around a full fire starting kit complete with tender in my EDC but never used it. Eventually it slimmed down to now being just a Bic lighter, magnesium rod for backup, and my boo boo kit has hand sanitizer (fuel) and plenty of bandage stuff (tender) that could be improvised if needed. In many years of carrying my EDC bag to and from work I can confidently say that I've never had to start a fire, build a shelter, boil water, trap food, etc. That being said, I seem to become much more equipped and redundant when hiking in the woods.

  3. I clean mine out every month or two. I am down to bare bones items to keep it light. Stuff made from aluminum or magnesium is lighter and the most durable over time, which helps.