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Project 590A1: Sling

I'm of the mind that fighting guns need slings on 'em. Heck, I think even range guns need slings on 'em. But especially fighting guns, because, while you can hold the gun in your off-hand and shoot with your strong hand, it's not ideal.

I wanted to keep the sling simple on this beast. No frills but functional. Simple equals cheap, so that's good to. Basic 2 point slings work plenty good for most things and that's what I was going for.

- Uncle Mike's QD Sling swivels (only used one)
- Cheap-o Blackhawk! sling; basically just a piece of webbing and two tri-glides. Yes, you could make it yourself for cheaper if you had the materials on hand.

Cost out the door: Less than 20 bucks.

You can see how I've attached it to the shotty. The Choate stocks offers numerous attachment points, which is a plus.

Can't say I've run a class with it, but it has held up totally fine in the dry fire drills that I have run with it. Not much to go wrong with it, and that's a good thing in my book.


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    I used a dog leash on my 10/22,3 bucks

    1. You could also just use a piece of paracord...50 cents maybe?

      A legit sling has the benefit of being adjustable and less ghetto, though.

  2. I agree, a gun needs a sling even if you have a bipod for it.
    posted article at: http://www.300iii.com/

  3. With the front sling mount on the bottom does it flip over (think front sight to the dirt) when slung in the front without a hand on the pistol grip? I had that problem with a rifle at one point.

    1. It would flip over if carried that way. I sling it across my back or carry it American style, one shoulder carry. When shooting, the sling is not used at all.

      To that point though, the front sling mounting point should really be on the side. That's on my list.

    2. Makes sense, Thanks.

  4. Where is the receiver mounted shell carrier from?

    1. Its an Esstac shell carrier attached via apocalyptic strength velcro.