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What have you been up to lately?

I took Friday off, ran some errands and spent some time with family and friends. And then Saturday, went out with friends and family to do some shooting. Mostly shotgun - Project 590A1 got a good workout - but with a bit of pistol and carbine thrown in. Really, there's not much better than dumping a couple mags of 5.56...Makes you feel all alive and happy. Thankfully, not $1 a round 5.56, either.

TEOTWAWKI Wife got in some trigger time, too, which I think was the first time in a while. Hard to get us both out to the range with the kiddos to wrangle.

Good weekend.

Since my last one of these updates, I've been on a bit of a knife kick, picking up a couple blades that have been on my wish list for, oh, several years. I'll talk about them at some point--have an "exotic blades" series on the back burner of my mind at the moment.

I also picked up a CMMG .22lr conversion kit for my AR a while back - local good gun shop had 'em in stock for pre-panic prices, and I could not resist. Not that .22lr is any more available than .223 locally, but hey, I've got thousands of rounds of the stuff put back.

We've been buying 12 gauge here and there to add to the stash. 12 gauge you can find without too much trouble--specific loads may be a problem, but every ammo retailer I've been in has some variety of 12 on the shelves. Looking to have a stash of around 300 buck, 100 slug and 400 bird, but some of that will probably wait 'till we're moved back...mostly the bird shot.

Tinkering with Project 590A1, too. Quite happy with how its coming along. Will probably have the next entry up on Wednesday.

Have been looking at putting together a solar set up. Think I've made up my mind on direction...hopefully. There's a broad spectrum between the DIY stuff through to the Goal Zer0 type stuff, and I will probably land somewhere in the middle. Will update with details when it's bought, tested and validated.

Otherwise, we've largely been starting the process of figuring out logistics for the six month work move, starting packing and sorting through stuff. What to bring, what to store, what to ditch, etc.

We're really not going to bring a mountain of stuff--probably only what we can fit between my pickup and the family SUV--so we'll be rolling fairly light...but hey, as they say, light is right.

I've sold off a few things that I haven't really been using and have more that will be going on the chopping block shortly. Have not yet decided where the funds will be rolled into.

One plus for buying quality gear is that, if, down the line, you decide you no longer need it, you can usually sell/trade it for close to purchase price. Sometimes more. Bargain bin stuff...not so much.

Anyways, that's what's happening 'round here. What have you folks been up to?