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Thoughts on Boston Attacks

America was struck yet again by an act of terror yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and the first responders, medical personnel and law enforcement who have been helping them throughout the aftermath.

If we do not include active shooter situations like Sandy Hook and Aurora, this is the first large scale terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. It's been a long stretch, and I think many of us have been waiting for the next big attack. As technology to perpetrate these kinds of attacks becomes more and more easily accessible, and more fractured extremist groups emerge, I fear we will see more and more attacks of this nature in the coming years.

My guess would be a home-grown Al Queda sympathizing cell is behind the attacks. Some in the liberal media, with no proof, are clamoring about right wing extremists (of course), but the nature of the attack and indiscriminate targeting make that unlikely, at least in my mind.

We had a few friends who were right at the finish line within a few minutes before the bombs detonated, and have family of other friends who were running in the actual marathon and finished just a few minutes prior to the attacks. Very close calls in all cases.

We're hearing lots of stories of improvised first aid--belts used as tourniquets, t-shirts to compress wounds--small IFAK-type kits with tourniquets, gauze for packing, etc. can and do save lives. One can be put together for under $40 and can fit in a cargo pocket, EDC bag or purse without adding much in the way of weight.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to those effected by the attacks. Stay vigilant!

Edit: Looks like the bombs were pressure cookers loaded with black powder and shrapnel. Not a very sophisticated device at all; certainly something pretty much any whacko could put together in his basement over a weekend. 


  1. I'm guessing that some politician's will attempt to blame this on 'home grown extremists' in short term, just to help them pass the current firearm legislation. Myself, my gut tells me Muslim extremists. When I first heard a person was found with bottom legs blown off, I thought 'shoe bomb'. I haven't been keeping up with it lately since early this morning - news is just repeating and repeating same story we've heard since last night.

  2. that type of devastation from a shoe bomb would be the shoe bomber would be in a lot of pieces not just legless

  3. Make no mistake that politicians on both sides will use this and the death of that 8 year old boy to push their own agendas. The media will hammer on it day after day to support "their side" and the whole thing will become an ugly, sad and disgusting political freak show with both sides beating their chests screaming about the "middle class" and "protecting the children".

    No doubt that human excrement Feinstein has already pulled out and dusted off the long ago written law banning pressure cookers.

    Don't agree? Take a long hard look at how the Sandy Hook developed and continues to be used, key word here is USED, today.

  4. Attacks...

    By my count this is the fourth "mass attack" since 9/11. Counting: 1. Richard Reid, aka-"shoebomber" attacks American Airlines flight 63. The attack places the weapon in a vulnerable place but fails to light because of the interference of fellow passengers and an unstable attacker who fumbles lighting the fuse. Nevertheless he did place a weapon where it could kill hundreds of US citizens. 2. underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attacked Northwest Airlines flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on December 22nd 2009. The result was a squib fire on the explosives but it was a well executed attack that failed to detonate, nevertheless he did place a weapon where it could have killed hundreds (maybe thousands) of US Citzens, 3. Fort Hood Texas, Major Nadal Hassin, November 5, 2009 attacks fellow soldiers killing 13, wounding 30. 4, Boston Marathon bombings....

    Muslims have also attacked a USMC recruiting station, murdered their family members, sniped innocent people from vehicles, don't get me started on Benghazi.....

    I'm quite sure if this was a pasty white guy we'd already have his picture on the news. The reason we don't know who it is is because the "optics" won't play well with the public unless the attack can be framed properly in advance. There is allot of shuffling going on behind the curtain today! This is going to be allot uglier before it is all over. Pray for the Republic.


  5. The U.S. and Boston was very lucky in my opinion. I am very sorry for all the families that suffered in this but it was obviously done by and amature. If it had been done by someone with lots of expolsive experience it would/could have been a lot worse. Oklahoma City level worse. It looked like it was not well planned or executed and may have been a last minute thought. Lots need to be learned by the ones in charge to prevent more like this, as I am sure there will be more copycats.

  6. Something occurred to me yesterday when I heard people who were surprised that someone set off a pair of bombs in Boston. I wasn't surprised. Not one bit. Saddened and angry, but not surprised. Same thing on 9/11.

    To be honest, I've wondered why we hadn't been attacked. I've wondered how long before terrorists would see our soft targets and hit us where it really hurts. My concerns, the things I think they will eventually do, haven't happened yet, but I suspect it is only a matter of time.

    Here's my question; were you "shocked" by the attack in Boston?

    Not saddened, angry, but actually surprised that "something like this" could happen, especially with all the security.

    If you were surprised, you likely see the good in people. You likely see things in a positive light. And YOU are the biggest threat our Nation is facing.

    The rest of us own guns, talk with our loved ones about what to do when (not if) something bad happens. Because something bad will happen to someone, and it might be us. Why? Because evil exists, and while a certain comedian pointed out, correctly, that good outnumbers evil, that doesn't change the fact that evil exists.

    We cannot combat evil by compromising our values. We cannot defeat evil by giving into fear. We cannot trade our Liberty for the the illusion of security or safety.

    Most people were shocked by what happened yesterday in Boston. That's what we're up against. You will gladly, gleefully even, trade away Your (it's MINE too) freedoms to feel safe again. You will buy into the lie that politicians will tell you. That we must "do something" so it won't happen again.

    And You will be upset with me for standing in the way.

    I am asking, before you agree to give away our Freedom, that so many fought and died to preserve, that you consider what you are doing. Is what you are giving up going to actually make you safe? Are you ever really safe?

    I posted this on FB, so the "YOU" doesn't really apply to those reading here. It was geared towards my, "we have to do something, for the children" folks I know.

    1. WE have to do something, the government doesn't. The government typically intensifies the problems it tries to solve. I want the government try to solve as few problems as possible. But that doesn't mean WE--the people--can't do something. We can't ever be 100% physically safe but we can prepare for the worst. There's a lot we can do to make ourselves more safe and secure. Individual efforts are always more successful than government policies.

    2. "Here's my question; were you "shocked" by the attack in Boston?"

      I wasn't. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

      But, I still see the good in people. When the bombs went off people didn't use in as an opportunity to robs stores or people. When the bombs went off people rushed in to help the wounded, ignoring the fact that there might be more bombs and risking their lives to save others. Most people are awesome like that.

  7. There's been some of this since 9/11 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-abortion_violence#United_States but it seems to be tapering off.

    Diapers make really good impromptu trauma pads for stopping bleeding.

    I agree that we're going to see more "lone wolf" style bombings in the future.