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Friday Linkage

Passing along some interesting stuff...

CommanderZero posted up a run down of Choate's upcoming bucket planter kits. There are certainly DIY solutions out there for bucket gardening, but if you can have a higher quality, pre-built product for around the same price...sounds pretty good to me. 

Travis Haley & Haley Strategic posted up the following video with weapons light comparison. Not often that you can see side-by-sides of $1000+ in lights. The Inforce light looks pretty good to go, and runs around half the price of a Surefire light. My only question would be long term durability...Surefires can stand up to a serious beating.

Author Larry Correia posted up a seriously funny rant about Pres. Obama's decision to return 5% of his salary in a show of solidarity over the sequester. BTW, government leaders have been instructed to make those cuts in very painful, publicly visible ways...not where the fat can be most easily trimmed.

D.B. passed along the following:

Would like to ask if you would not mind letting your readers know that NatGeo’s show, “Locked Up Abroad” will be airing this week with a show about John McCain and other U.S. servicemen’s’ ordeal at the Hanoi Hilton as POWs.  It is a powerful story and one that I think your readers would appreciate.  Regardless of his politics or what anyone may think of him today, John  McCain’s story is a powerful one that demonstrates the best in Americans – determination, courage in the face of long and seemingly overwhelming odds, hope, mental discipline and outlasting your enemy.  Just wanted to share.