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The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life

This week, Team Rick has to decide whether to take the Governor up on his offer to turn over Michonne--and Merle takes matters into his own hands! Err, hand.

Spoilers after the jump!

Well, Merle is dead, for real this time, but he went down in a blaze of glory. He took down a slew of the Governor's men before getting grabbed, beaten, having his fingers bitten off and then shot by the Governor, who is apparently a pretty tough dude if he can beat the crap out of Merle without too much trouble. The Governor, of course, just killed Merle, so Daryl had to finish off zombie Merle when he showed up afterwards. Sad times.

I figured Merle might not make it through the rest of the season, but his death here seemed a little bit on the pointless side, though the episode was a cool character study of Merle--from snatching up Michonne because he sees himself as the guy in the group who can/will get his hands dirty, through to letting her go and running off on a one man assault on the Governor's forces.

After coming to his senses r.e. the Michonne turnover, Rick called the team together and told them that the Ricktatorship could no longer continue--that everyone would need to vote on decisions, because everyone was in this together. From the previews, it looks like the group will be voting to leave, but the Governor's attack will come before they are able to bug out from the prison.

Oh ya, and Glenn proposed to Maggie, with a ring pried from the fingers of a walker. How romantic.

Commenter questions for the week:

For a spontaneously planned attack, Merle, I thought, did pretty well. Distraction, didn't open fire until the Governor's men started firing and so on. The Governor's forces did horribly, especially considering that they were planning to ambush Team Rick. Merle should (of course) taken out the Governor first, and also obviously should have picked a better firing position, less easily accessed by zombies.

How else would you have run a one man attack on the Governor's forces? What could Merle have done differently?

Dictatorship vs. Democracy: What do you think is the best command structure for a survival group?