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The Walking Dead: Prey

Well, I guess their breakup is official.

The Governor and Andrea play the creepiest game of hide and go seek - pretty much ever.

Spoilers and thoughts after the jump...

After discovering the torture chamber the Governor is putting together, Andrea says enough is enough. Before bugging out, Martinez takes her pistol - the Governor is collecting them for the coming attack - leaving her with only a small folding knife. Not one to be discourage, Andrea jumps the wall and starts the long jog back to the prison.

The Governor, of course, finds out shortly and, of course, heads out to bring his lady back into the fold.

A game of cat and mouse ensues - Andrea being the mouse, Governor being the creepy, one eyed maniacal cat. Culminating in an a hunt through an abandoned, walker infested industrial building. Man, this was an intense sequence! Lots of great moments.

Andrea escapes, narrowly, leaving the Governor to an uncertain fate as he faces down a shambling horde of the walking dead.

She makes it in sight of the prison, waving to Rick in the guard tower, when ol' One-Eye grabs her from behind and clamps a hand over her mouth before she can call for help. It happens too quick for Rick to see anything.

The Governor quietly bring her back into Woodbury - the episode ends with a slow pan through his torture chamber, ending on Andrea, handcuffed and gagged. Yikes!

Well, this episode did a lot to help redeem Andrea's character from the first half of the season - much needed - but leaves her in a not-so-good place. I would imagine Milton or Tyrese will bail her out while the Governor is away attacking Team Rick, but we'll see!

A few takeaways:
  • Getting disarmed sucks. Have backups, caches, "drop guns" and so on. I'd of thrown a bigger fit - "come and take it!" kind of thing, but it's TV.
  • Having no transportation sucks, too. Andrea had maybe a 20 - 25 mile journey (guessing) - on foot, that's a long trip, especially when you're hunted by people who have vehicles. Stealing a vehicle - even a bike - would have upped her odds considerably.
  • During an E&E, camouflage and avoiding walking in wide open spaces during daylight are important (durr). Andrea failed.
  • Here's one for being able to escape from restraints. A handcuff key, anyone?
What did you think of the episode? Any other takeaways? What's going to happen next? Is Andrea doomed?


  1. Andrea should have taken the Governor's truck. Agree on the weapons cache, she should have left something outside of Woodbury on one of her many trips outside.

    There have been hints at at least one "main" character being killed off. Andrea seems to be a prime candidate.

  2. For Pete's sake get on with it already. This series is losing its appeal due to the fact that they are drawing it out. We know they are gonna fight, we know the the governer is crazier than an out house rat, we know some are gonna die, so just get on with it. And bring back Revoloution, and Falling Skies.

    1. Revolution? I'm sorry but that show is a stinking piece of dog feces compared to the Walking Dead.

    2. Failing Skies is the larva that feasts on that turd.

    3. While both Falling Skies and Revolution have had a few, occasionally decent moments, they've got nothing on the Walking Dead.

  3. When she bailed I figured she had cached some stuff nearby. She could or arguably should have seen an event like this coming.

    Being tied up in the Governors creeper chair isn't good. Since the series recycles people (Meryl) and also kills off main characters it's anybody's guess.

    1. I'm thinking Andrea makes it out of this one, but then again I thought she'd made it safely to the prison...

    2. I am inclined to agree with you.

  4. I agree take the truck!!! The gov is arrogant enough to leave the keys in the truck thinking no one will mess with it or him. If not at least slash the tires and ransack the truck for any weapons , you know he had to have some backups. And BE MORE CAREFUL when coming up to a location!!!! She could have been shot, jumped by walkers etc coming up to the prison, scout it out , don't just run up and wave you hands. Bet she really regets not slashing that bastards throat when was sleeping.

  5. Predictions on which character gets it?

    I predict it'll be Merle, doing something "heroic" for the group. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see the baby die (would bring it back to the comic book story line).

  6. Let this be a lesson to us all. ALWAYS have a backup weapon. And a backup to the backup and so on if possible. One day if the dems have their way you may wish you did.

  7. The thing that bugged me the most about this episode was Andrea's lack of preparedness for her journey to the prison. Who in their right mind heads out on a 20+ mile trek in the Georgia heat without even a water bottle or canteen?

  8. I think it was a good example of how important PT is and would be in SHTF,

  9. Did anyone else notice that Andrea is a very loud breather? I'm just saying, learn to control your breathing and cut down on noise when you're hiding from a one-eyed maniac.

  10. I gave up on this show.

  11. This show is awesome!! Andreas biggest mistake, not watching her six. Haste makes waste and she was in too big a hurry to get to where the governor knew she was going. When your foe knows where your going its time to step up your opsec.

  12. Rule no. 2 from the movie Zombieland - The Double Tap. Shoot em in the head twice makes your life nice. In this case, assume they are alive unless you see them torn apart and eaten and even then still double tap.

    By the way did you see the Gov holding his side when walking across the street? I got money that says he was bit and is trying to complete his "work" before the clock runs out.


  13. Andrea is a dumb ass (albeit a rather hot one), with nearly zero situational awareness, and very few redeeming qualities (see comment about being hot).

    First she hides in the woods but fails to see the walkers in very close proximity.
    Then she goes into a building (instead of sneaking around the outside) and fumbles around.
    THEN gets outside and bumbles around and lets old one eye sneak up on her. Yet she makes virtually zero attempt to fight him off despite him appearing to be unarmed.

    I have been waiting for them kill Andrea for a LONG time. They either need to do it or somehow redeem her in a BIG way.

    So I say DEATH TO ANDREA and good riddance.

  14. Did you notice when the governor was organizing his torture tools, one of them was a speculum? I don't want to know what he expects to do with that