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The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost

The Governor is his usual treacherous self during negotiations with Team Rick.

Some spoilers after the jump.
Don't have time for a recap this week, but thought last night's episode brought up some interesting discussion points:

1. What is the best, safest way to arrange a negotiation with a unfriendly party? Given Team Rick's resources, how would you have done things differently?
2. When does it make sense to negotiate or meet with a hostile force? Does it ever? Was showing up for the meeting a mistake from the start?
3. Given the big question left hanging at the end of the episode - hand over Michonne or not - would you ever consider handing over a group member under similar circumstances? What if the Governor wanted Merle instead?

Some interesting discussion points - looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


  1. Given the situation in the show, if I was Ricky, the Governor would have been dead after he hung up his gun. Call it justice for the guy they killed when they ambushed the prison. To answer your questions...

    1) Not sure best/safest way, but I would want it on neutral ground where I have clear sight for some distance. Not in a random building with tons of hiding places.

    2)I think this is a case by case decision. In this instance, it didn't make sense and only invited immediate chaos. Depending on each situation though, it might be worth while to talk before assuming where the situation stands.

    3)If he wanted Merle, that would be Daryl's choice, not Rick's. I would never give over someone of my group. Instead, I would have eliminated the Governor either at the meeting or previously when they broke out Merle and Daryl. One extra shot at him before taking out the lights would have been easy.

  2. 1) Somewhere in the open, covered by snipers. Their summit location could have concealed a small army.

    2) It never hurts to meet the enemy and get a sense of what they're about.

    3) Never hand over anyone in your group. Someone that carries a grudge and makes a demand like that ain't gonna just say "Thanks, have a nice day. We cool now."

  3. War is absolute....

    For the benefit of drama and entertainment I suppose this makes sense. It would probably also be good to make an accomodation for the fact that these people are just bat-stuff crazy from living in that terrible universe for over a year. That said, I would have plotted a counter-attack after recovering Glen and Maggie. That would have been the line of embarcation for me. Don't wait for the gate crashing follow-on attack nor would I have waited for the outcome of negotiations to deal with this external threat. For quite a time this group has had only two options:
    1. run, 2. Terminate Woodbury.

    Having this pow wow was a bad idea. It worked out okay but the likelihood of a ambush to take out Team Prison's leadership was a very very high probability.

    Kill or be killed.


  4. Andrea and Rick both had their chance to take out the Governor and both blinked. Andrea chose her side by going back to Woodbury. Ricks group should not only launch an immediate attack but occupy Woodbury and try to take it over, the Governor would not expect that, he would expect them to attack and go back to the prison. Either that or they should fire bomb woodbury and burn it to the ground leaving them vulnerable to the walkers. Destroy their will to fight, burn it down like Dresden.

    1. I like the fire bomb idea. I never thought of that. That would be a perfect option if there were not women, children, and non-combatants there. Remember that the conflict is with the governor, not Woodbury.

  5. Rick should have killed the Governor immediately when he pulled his gun. Missed opportunity. Most of the folks in Woodbury aren't the type to fight a war, so I'm hoping Rick and his group will be able to take over the community as soon as Andrea kills the Governor. I'm thinking she's working herself up to it.

  6. 1. A known location, open for miles around preferred, backed by snipers.

    2. Meeting with someone like the governor was a mistake, but this isn't always the case with a meeting in general.

    3. No. Not even Merle.

    In fact, Merle was right, they should have ambushed them. Rick should have killed the Governor, he had the drop on him.

    Wouldn't have been an issue if Andrea had done the right thing and killed the sociopathic SOB.

    Disagree with the notion of firebombing Woodbury. The majority of the people are sheeple and believe the Governor. Cut the heads off their "leadership" and let the rest of them alone.

    1. If you want an quick end to hostilities, that would be the best bet. The other alternative is to fight a war of attrition, where both sides take turns hitting each other. If its a war of attrition then Rick should take a clue from the governor. Use walkers as a weapon. Rick's group can't play church league when the Governor is playing street ball. They could try and just take out the leadership as you say, but history shows taking out a leader is very difficult and costly. I would torch the town.

  7. Like this show has ever been anything but a comedy to begin with. What's the deal with tripod veterinarian anyway? I mean any leader stupid enough to use their only medic as a front line fighter deserves to have his group annihilated but now that he is severely handicapped Rick takes the man into a possible ambush situation? With the bad calls Rick has already made (including turning away possible allies at every turn but letting them go to become enemies) you just know he will make the wrong choices this time as well.

    The best choice they could make right now is to flee. If they had a wall rather than a fence I would say fortify and defend but they simply do not have the people to defend properly. Flight is their only real hope at this point. An attack by the Governor will more than likely kill both sides in the end but he doesn't care. They already know they can make it back to Rick's original starting point so do it and keep going. Not like the US has a shortage of prisons out in the middle of nowhere or anything. It also isn't like anything remains at their current location that can't be taken with them.

    Fly you fools.

  8. I gotta disagree (at least partially). Yes, using your medic as infantry was and still is dumb. However, it seems that everybody that is talking about running has completely forgotten not only what it was like on the road, but also the work and blood they put in to securing that prison. That is their home now and should be defended as the last line of defense. Besides, I happen to have first hand knowledge that they cannot capture a more secure location, logistically speaking. Prison fences are not some big box store cheap chain link. It is a heavier gauge and the posts are cemented very deep in order to be able to resist ramming. And like castles of old, should the perimeter be breached, they can easily fall back to the interior fortress.

    Sorry for the long response but I think hitting the road might only net them more Woodburys and overrun prisons