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Review: G-Code/Haley Strategic INCOG Holster

First up, I've gotta get this off my chest, as it is separate from the actual product and reflective of G-Code's ordering experience. I was not impressed. Here are the bullet points:
  • Order was placed shortly after product release. There was no mention of any kind of delay at time of order.
  • The order confirmation e-mail said that the product could take up to 3 weeks to ship. Sad.
  • After 3 weeks with no updates, I send G-Code an e-mail asking about a product update. No reply was given or has been given since.
  • After 4.5 weeks, the holster arrived on my doorstep, without shipping notice/order tracking being sent.
  • The following day, I received the shipping noticed/order tracking. Yes, for the product I had already received.
While I'm sure G-Code was slammed with volume during this time, the poor communication was unimpressive to say the least. I will be wary of any future orders placed with them.

Now, onto the holster.

The Incog is a kydex, adjustable depth/cant inside-the-waistband holster. The belt hooks have a unique design that helps push the holster in closer to the body and aid in retention. The holster body is covered in a kind of felt material to help with comfort and to help it stay in place. Mine is for a Glock 17.

The Incog ships with two belt hooks - additional hooks can be ordered, but at the price of $12 each, which seems over priced for a single plastic hook.

I ordered two extra belt hooks - one 4 hole and one 5 hole - which brought the order total to just under $100. A quality holster is an important thing, and I've tried and passed on several other, less expensive IWB holsters in the past.

Functionally, the Incog works like you would expect a kydex holster to work. Retention is pretty good - about what you would expect from a kydex holster. The draw is fast and smooth. One handed re-holstering is easy. There's a reason kydex is the material of choice for holsters and sheaths - it just works.

The initial ride depth of the Incog was too high for me - I prefer a lower ride depth than most straight-from-the-factory holsters. The longer belt hooks were an easy swap, and brought the Incog to the exact depth that I wanted, both for comfort and concealment purposes. Adjustable depth is critical to making a holster work, and I don't know why there are so many holsters on the market that don't have that feature. The Incog's inclusion of adjustable ride depth was one of the main reasons I purchased it, and it paid off.

The two belt loops do a good job of transferring the weight of the pistol to the belt. Most of my wear with the holster has been with a gun belt, so I can't really comment on how it would fare with a flimsy belt. I would imagine that it would still do pretty well, even with a lesser belt - the angle on the belt loops does work as advertised and help keep it tucked in closer to the body.

One of the Incog's selling points is that it can be carried in a variety of positions, though most belt-clip holsters have the much the same versatility. I've found the holster to be best for strong side carry. It's about as comfortable as an all kydex holster for a big double stack 9 is going to be when carrying strong side IWB. A little bit thinner kydex would be the only thing that I could imagine to help in that comfort department.

What about appendix carry? It doesn't work very well for me for appendix carry, but that may be more due to the size of the Glock 17, length of its barrel, etc. I get a lot of not so comfortable jamming and jabbing when bending, squatting, sitting and so on. Your mileage may vary here - and it's quite comfortable AIWB if I'm just standing, walking, etc.

The Incog is solidly made - the kydex is thick and the belt hooks solid. In fact, it's probably overbuilt for the job. For IWB, you want thin, and the Incog's thick kydex adds some bulk to the overall package, especially when you're dealing with an already bulky package like a double stack 9mm. As mentioned, a step down in kydex thickness would have helped keep the holster slim and trim. However, the thicker kydex certainly means that the Incog will hold up to constant use.

How well does it conceal? Fairly well. The issue, at least with my body, clothes and the Glock 17, becomes the thickness of the pistol. I end up looking lopsided wearing something like a t-shirt or polo. With a cover garment like a light jacket, sweatshirt, loose button up shirt and so on, the combo hides quite well. There's only so much a holster can do to help conceal a full size handgun. The only thing that the Incog could improve on - again - would be slightly thinner material, which even then would only help marginally, and require a tradeoff in durability.

Overall, the Incog gets a thumbs up from me. Solid design, solidly executed. High quality, and should last for years of use. The Incog certainly makes the Glock 17 a more carry-friendly handgun than other IWB holsters I've tried in the past, and has satisfied my search for a good IWB holster for the gun.

The Incog can be ordered from tacticalholsters.com. Expect to wait a while to get yours!


  1. Thanks for the review. I've been looking at this holster as well. Does it work well with a tucked in shirt?

    1. I haven't tried it tucked in. Initial guess is that it won't work particularly well tucked in, but I will check it out and let you know.

    2. Thank you!

    3. The holster actually tucks pretty well. With my Glock 17, there's definitely some printing, but a smaller gun or maybe some strategic shirt choices would help.

    4. Awesome! I'm looking to buy one for a Glock 19. Sounds like it will work well. Thanks for trying it out for me.

  2. How do you think it would work for someone with minor "love handles"?

    1. You should be fine. I'd pick up some different lengths of the belt hooks to allow you to adjust depth and cant for your comfort, though.

  3. I got one a few months ago for my G19 and I just cannot use it in appendix mode. I love GCode and have literally 20 different OSH holsters and mag carriers from them. I also use their RTI system with my Safariland 6005 on a daily basis. I do like that it is easily adjustable and that you can change the cant to suit you. The tactical fuzz is a nice addition as well. I guess it boils down to your body type which will determine if you can comfortably conceal in appendix mode with this particular holster. I've found that 3:30 position is the most comfortable spot for me. Their customer service has always been a bit lacking, so that's nothing new. Good luck if you decide to pull the trigger on one.

    1. 3:30 is where I've found to be the most comfortable, too. As noted, it does not work for me for appendix carry, either, if any amount of mobility is required.

  4. Have you tried any appendix rigs that you liked better or is that a position you just can't find anything comfortable in? Do you think the tactical fuzz is a functional addition to the holster?

    1. I have a Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 which doesn't work for me either for appendix carry. It's fine for an in the glove box or just loose in a backpack setup which I don't normally use.

      An explanation on the fuzz:

      Q: What is Tactical Fuzz?

      A: Tactical Fuzz is a "suede like" synthetic outer laminate. This outer layer presents a softer surface that significantly reduces noise during movement, lowers the rigs reflective signature in the IR spectrum and blends with the surrounding environment. "Tactical Fuzz" has a near 0% water absorption rate and is permanently bonded to the holsters outer surface. Tactical Fuzz is an available upgrade on ALL G-Code holsters and magazine carriers as well as select G-Code accessories.

  5. I love the incog holster! I debated between this or the vanguard 2 but i ultimately decided to go with the incog holster because i found it way easier to re holster my firearm after drawing it. check out this video review with action shots:

  6. I'm glad to hear you got your holster. I ordered one over a month ago and also tried calling and emailing for an update. Not impressed so far.

  7. This is George with G-Code Holsters. I'm the new director of customer relations here.
    We automatically send out two emails... 1 is an order confirmation. 2 is the tracking number. This system has been in place for some time now, several years in fact.
    Why you didn't get your emails, I don't know. Check your Spam Filtering. I get a lot of emails that bounce back as deliverable because there was a typo in the email when the customer places his order.

    1. George -

      I got the order confirmation totally fine, and received the tracking number...but after the package arrived on my doorstep.

      I know spam filters and customer mistakes are the easy go-to explanation when e-mails don't get through, but not the case here. Something on your end that needs to be fixed.

      Same deal with the zero response to the e-mails that I shot customer service.

    2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2014

      I had a very similar experience recently. It took eight weeks to get my holster with only automated emails letting me know how many weeks the holster was on order. I did get one email informing me that my holster was delayed and my situation was forwarded to a "production manager" and that my order was put on priority status. I sent an inquiry email and got no response. I thought I was getting an versatile holster but can only carry it comfortably at the 4 o'clock position. Appendix position digs into my stomach if I sit (I am not overweight). Even though the holster can be easily adjusted/configured, I still can only use it in one position.

  8. Looks like a quality holster. Great review.