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The Walking Dead: Ain't a Judas

Some limited spoilers below - you have been warned!

A bit of a set-up episode last night, focusing mostly on Andrea and her awkward visit back to the prison.

Disappointingly, we didn't get to see Rick, Daryl and Merle fight their way through the overrun yard back to the prison--they were safely inside at the beginning of the episode, arguing about what to do next.

I'm with the group member's in favor of bugging out. While the prison does have some virtues to it, it's also not really worth getting slaughtered over. Resources are apparently running low anyways--Glenn mentioned that they were low on food, ammo--and they've got a large, hostile force that wants them dead. They've got enough gas and vehicles to lend Andrea a spare car for the ride back to Woodbury, so it seems like they have the means to evac elsewhere.

But, alas, they're entrenched in the prison and have taken the "we ain't runnin'" viewpoint, which I can understand, but can also get you killed. 'cuz it's a TV show, they've gotta make the dramatic decisions, and we know sticking it out at the prison will eventually lead to an epic showdown with the Governor and his rag-tag force of soldiers.

At the end of the episode, it seemed like Rick had started to pull it together and take charge again, planning a scouting mission that will inevitably go poorly for next week's episode. Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Rick was checking back into reality?

How about the Governor's choice to enlist anyone over--what was it, 14?--in the Woodbury Defense Force? Practical or just another indicator of an evil nutjob? Around what age would you hand those kinds of responsibilities to someone?