> TEOTWAWKI Blog: The Great Panic Subsiding?



The Great Panic Subsiding?

I'm seeing some signs that the great firearms panic is starting on the downward side of the curve.

Magazines becoming available for reasonable prices through major sellers...of course, they're getting bought out within 30 minutes or so, but they are out there at least.

Magazines being sold on at outrageous prices don't seem to be selling - Lucky Gunner has had $43 PMAGs for nearly two days and don't look to have sold too many.

Similar signs on the secondary market - still lots of people asking high prices, but not a lot of takers. Prices are dropping as guys realize the mags they bought to flip and make a 300% profit aren't selling like they thought they would.

.223/5.56mm still seems unavailable - could be ammo manufacturers have a harder time ramping up production versus magazine makers? I would expect to see prices start to retreat over the next month or so.

Uppers are trickling onto the market, but they seem to generally be sans bolt carrier groups, which will run $250-$300 extra.

Lower parts kits are out there, too. I'm seeing .22lr conversion kits in stock at several places.

I'm guessing we're seeing a combo of the demand running its course, manufacturers catching up and profiteers cashing out. And, the drum beat in the media has died down and the general perception (correct or not) is that the big push will be for a magazine ban versus a weapons ban, and that it doesn't have a huge chance of getting through.

Things aren't anywhere close to normal - not by any means. Most everything is out of stock and unavailable, and people are still asking crazy prices. But things are slowly getting better. I would be hesitant to pay vastly inflated prices for anything at this point, unless it was a critical item and you were really worried about not being able to get it a few months down the road. I'm not at this point.

Anyways, a few signs of hope. What are you guys seeing?