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Fastest archer in the world

Check out the rate of fire this guy can get with what he claims is a rediscovered forgotten technique of master archers of old. Pretty cool.

I'm inclined to believe that he's right on forgotten technique part - for all the stuff we do know, we've forgotten a lot of what our forefathers took for granted. They lived, survived and thrived in their times, so it's wise to pay attention to what the written records we have today and not dismiss them off hand.


  1. I'm blown away... Thanks for the video !

  2. at the first minute i was skeptical to say atleast, but man i believe hes really on on to something here.

    Serious skills-

  3. I don't want to seem like an archery snob but that wasn't real archery. Yes a bow was shot but the reason he was able to do it so quickly was because he was pulling with only his arms. It is simply impossible to use that kind of technique on a bow with a higher pull. It works well for shooting targets at close range, but it isn't feasible for any bow requiring more than a 30lbs pull. That rules out hunting and self-defense. A cool skill, but I would say that it's a movement further away from our ancestors. After all an english longbowmen could only fire 20/minute, but they did that with bows that ranged from [at their weakest] 120 pound pull to 210 pounds. The real ancient secrets were strength and practice, no fancy tricks involved.

    1. One of the bows he uses is a 35 lb draw - mentioned in the credits at the end. If he went up to 40 or 45 pounds (hunting weights), do you think it would slow him that much? In many of the clips, he is clearly going for speed vs. strength or accuracy, but did you skip the portion where he fires through chain mail in quick succession?

      English longbowmen were more akin to artillery, launching mass quantities of arrows over very long distances. This is an entirely different skill set, focused on speed and close ranges.

  4. I am not quite upto his speed at shooting but working towards that but I normally shoot a 60-70 lb. hickory or osage self bow that I make myself not bragging but my friends who shoot modern compound bows are amazed at the strength I have gained at holding the draw weight and also the accurracy in which I shoot a 1-2" grouping. My self bows they are both long bows and short bows. The arrows are river cane with knapped broadheads as well. Thanks for the video this will help me to develop my speed. I never liked archery snobs much because they discredit the speed and accurracy that primitive archers are known for. I am also a successful hunter and on the most part am a one shot kill shooter and have taken alot of big game. But to each his own in what he shoots if it brings them closer to feeling at one with nature and closer to their ancestors. I just feel if I am not shooting primitive I might as well shoot a gun. Which I do when necessary.