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Magazines & Haley Strategic Incog IWB Holster

Received a shipment of Black Dog 25 round, steel lip magazines for the .22lr conversion that I've yet to purchase - more concerned about the actual magazines than the conversion kits. Ordered from Palmetto State Armory on Christmas Eve, so that's a three week and two day wait. You're going to have to be patient these days and rejoice when the orders/backorders ship.

Was perusing ARFCOM, which I rarely do, when I read that DSGArms had FDE 20 round PMAGs in stock, at normal prices. I am fine for AR mags, but, really, a comfort zone of a dozen or two additional wouldn't be bad. So I moseyed on over to their site, which, after loading painfully slow, DID have said magazines in stock. I loaded 10 into my cart and proceeded through their checkout process - and yes, you have to sign up for an account, which I hate. The website chugged and churned and crawled along as I'm sure 1/2 of AR15.com was descending upon it. Finally, I entered in my CC info and clicked to finalize...and then taken to the homepage?

Wait, no order confirmation? Hey wait, the magazines are still in my cart? What gives? Let's see if my "order" is showing up under my newly created account...nope, no history of orders. Ok, let's try to check out again, see if that works...no, wait, the system just removed the magazines from my cart! And they're out of stock.


Needless to say, not a happy. Understand that such things happen, but that doesn't mean that I'm happy about it, and I'll probably be hesitant before trying to order through DSGArms again. For those still looking for magazines and want to roll the dice with DSG, they do currently show Pink magazines in stock for $20 (yep - pink!).

I continue to kick myself for passing up deals in the normal days - PMAGs for $12 all day long? I have enough of those...Glock magazines for $22? Oh, I don't really need any more...and on and on. Was literally at a gun show the weekend before the madness began, passed up plenty of decent prices and left with nothing. Not that I'm in a jam or anything as far as magazines go - but there's enough and then there's really enough.

Haley Strategic Incog IWB Holster
A recent e-mail exchange with Ryan from TSLRF  reminded me of a glaring omission in my gear kit - a good concealment holster for my grip chopped Glock 17. There's a long story behind this, but basically I haven't found a holster that had a slim enough profile and offered the adjustability that I was looking for. Today, Haley Strategic and G-Code holsters came out with the Incog, which they collaborated on for design.

Image via G-Code Holsters
The holster is adjustable for depth, cant and tension, and can work in a variety of positions - appendix, as shown above, strong side, behind the hip and crossdraw. The slim construction and adjustability were exactly what I've been looking for. I took its release as a sign and ordered one up - should be here early next week. EDIT: Just read my order confirmation, and it looks like holster companies are getting hit hard by the panic buy, too...which continues to boggle the mind. So it might be a couple weeks...

I tend to like Haley's stuff because the designs, in my experience, are well thought out and put through their paces. Travis & crew test them constantly and refine their stuff multiple times before bringing them to market. For example, they've had a chest rig in the works since before the summer of last year and have run it in classes for months, sent it down range with spec ops guys and made refinements in the design...and they're still working on it. It's not the case of slapping a name and a logo on something and calling it good. They're running and gunning and going through thousands of rounds of ammunition and hours and hours of use with this stuff. That's the kind of thought and effort I like to see going into product design.

Should be one of the first Incogs out in the wild, so stay tuned for an initial rundown sometime next week.