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What's available...

Quick informal survey of various gun websites...

9mm, .40, .223/5.56 and .308 ammo are hard to find in anything other than high end hunting/target/defense loads - $1 per round kind of stuff. Of these, .223 is the least common to find in stock. Less common AR loads like .300 AAC Blackout or 6.8 SPC are also tough to track down, despite their usual per-round cost.

I'm surprised, but .45 ACP is fairly readily available - though I guess it makes sense that 1911 shooters aren't as freaked out about potential legislation.

7.62x39 and .30 carbine look to be available without too much trouble.

.22lr is fairly readily available, but you may not be able to get a hold of a favorite load.

AR magazines are out of stock most everywhere. Mako Group has steel made-in-Israel magazines for under $20, which is the best deal I've seen in a while. Looks like private sale price on PMAGs is a little bit under $40/magazine. Midway and Brownells are taking backorders, but expect to wait a month or six to see your magazines arrive.

Glock magazines? Good luck.

What is available? 12 gauge, no problem. Hunting cartridges like .30-30, .243 Win, .30-06 and others are out there a-plenty, too. In handguns, the as mentioned .45 ACP is out there, along with .38 Special, .357 Mag and other revolver cartridges.

Prior to the panic, the "big 4" survival firearms were an AR-15, Glock 19, Remington 870 and Ruger 10/22. If you were forced to choose from what's currently readily available, a Remington 870, 1911 in .45 ACP, a .22 of some variety (10/22 if you can find one!) and a nice scoped bolt gun would probably be the new big 4. Or a .357 revolver and a matching lever gun instead of the .45 and bolt gun.

What are you seeing in your neck of the woods?


  1. I've found 12 gauge slugs and buckshot very difficult to find here in Columbia, SC.

    You should have seen the AR counter at Palmetto State Armory this morning.

  2. From two major cities in the gulf south: 5.56,223,308 are gone. Overheard associate talking about a friend that got a 223 for Xmas and has been unable to find ammo for it. .40,.45.22lr and available but the selection has decreased. 9mm has also taken a hit in the last week, should have bought some when it was available. Shotgun ammo(12,20.410) still have a wide selection. Personally, I have been quietly picking up a box or two every trip. Pmags from ruger have finally shipped after about a two week wait - 5 limit. Might be worth a shot, but time might mot be on your side..as an FYI. Keep Right On Prepping-K

  3. I have been picking up 2 Pmags at a time, a couple times a week at my favorite shop in town for $25.00 each, but I have to go on lunch, right after they open. I went last night and they had none. They are making no promises of what will be here. Their 2 walls of Ar-15s are down to one half a wall and the rest are now shot guns.

    I have seen very little ammo in 9mm or .223 and they had no extra mags for my M&P 9mm, which I had not worried about until I read Nanny Feinstein's proposal. So that is today's trip around to other shops.

    I'm less concerned about ammo being restricted, but trying to get the gear that is on the chopping block before it is gone.

    That's the view in Kentucky

  4. However, just found that Cabela's has some nice stuff in stock. Including Federal Truball slugs for $3 after rebate (http://bit.ly/X3Clzy)

  5. Hello from Western Pennsylvania. Long time reader, first time poster. Around here guys are asking for upwards of 2k for your run of the mill AR's / 1k for some Ak's, nearly double what they were a few months ago.

    Magpul mags are about 50 dollars private or more. USGI are upwards of 30 each from private sellers that I've found. Can't find either of them in store.

    Maybe the worst price gouging I've seen was from a dealer, charging 60 dollars for a KCI Korea Glock 33rnd G18 mag. I laughed and walked away. Sure I understand supply vs demand. But a 10 dollar mag that 'might feed' for 60, I'll pass.

    Ammo is about the same as you've said. Luckily its a good time to be into reloading. I was able to order bullets still from Brownell's and Midway.

  6. 30rd PMAGs - $39.20, limit 5: http://www.skdtac.com/Magpul-PMAG-Gen-M3-30-rnd-AR-M4-p/mag.502.htm

    Shows as in stock, but they probably aren't.

    1. They're not, and it's not showing they're in stock. Check the drop down.

      I do like what SKD did regarding price...I think a lot of the craziness is speculative buyers trying to make a quick buck, which is in turn driving up prices for the rest of us.

  7. believe it or not....all the stuff you need is available in germany...we might have strict gun laws...but ammo is cheap and mags are not restricted
    crazy world these days ;)

  8. Gun Show in Northern VA this weekend:
    pmags - $70
    Glock mags - $50
    case of 556 - $1,000
    most items available are at a %50 markup
    Scar 17s 308 - $6500

  9. I've been blessed to get some good deals online and to find a local NFA Gun dealer who also manufactures ammo. I've gotten in good with the two owners and they sell me 200-300 rds of .223 every week. If you walk in asking for large amounts you will end up on the wait list but $50-$60 worth is good to go every time.

    I ordered 10 pmags the day of Sandy Hook and got them for $10 each from Jabtac before they sold out. Also ordered (4) 32 rd 9mm Mags for my AR-9mm build. The local dealer showed me cases and cases of 9mm ammo @ .25/rd so i'm gonna start stockpiling that as well as a variety of shells for my 12 gauge.

    Just got my grandfather's old Top Break Webley Revolver so i tracked down some .38 S&W rounds for it. Don't plan on shooting it much but if i need to i want to have some available.

    Check your local markets because these guys work extra hard for your business and will look out for you if they get to know you. I'm new to the survival prep scene but i've taken advantage of your advice and have my fiancee on board to getting ourselves ready for a 'bad day'. $50-75 a week to prepare my family for a crisis is a well spent investment!

  10. don't know where you are but here and online at all my usual haunts, 22lr is sold out, as is any military caliber and even 38 is gone. my local guy is supplying the shop from his home stash. no due in dates on 10/22. he brought in one from home and i bought that one. i'm waiting til no-name ar's start going for 2k. then i'll sell all mine off and buy that bugout location i have my eye on:)

  11. Any idea what an AK with a milled reciever is selling for with the scare?

  12. It is whatever someone is willing to pay for Anon!!!!

  13. Checking in from Louisiana....22LR is non-xistant, none anywhere, 223 is almost impossible to find, mags sold out everywhere, shotguns and shells still stocked but don't know how long that's gonna last...looks like if you didn't already have it, or got it last week....you ain't gettin it...only saving grace is our Gov. Bobby Jindal has already publicly said he will ignore/disregard any type of anti-
    Second amend laws from the feds....hopefully he will stand true!


    In the spirit of but low, sell high... To avoid the ammo pinch, take that $400 and buy powder, primers and bullets. They are plenty available, last I checked.

    Take those components, along with some once fired brass (or virgin) , and find a buddy who owns a press. Pay him-her 20 cents per round to learn and load.

    Reasonable priced ammo and you gain a skill. Then, swipe the neck and primer with fingernail polish. Wipe off excess.


      I spoke too soon, or too late, loading components are all bought up. Probably too late for my advice.

  15. Ruger 10/22 BX-25 magazines now cost $60 a piece in a gun shop I visited late last week - I thought that was excessive and passed.

  16. Ammo to go has some pmags for $29

  17. Went to my Cabela's today (Hamburg, PA), and things were looking pretty cleared out. There were only six tactical rifles that I could see, and half of that was one of those new .22 Uzi carbines, one of the .22 MP5 carbines (with fake can) and an M1 carbine. The used racks were totally stripped of anything that wasn't a long-barreled 12 ga or hunting rifle. Reloading supplies and mags were pretty much gone except for odd-ball stuff. Speaking of which, there must have been 20 .50 cal cans with .38 special ammo still available, but most surprising was about 10 .50 cal cans of 9mm ball. There were also piles of Herter's (Cabela's house brand?) .30 Carbine and 7.62x29. Didn't happen to catch a price on any of those since ammo isn't something that I need to stock up on at this point :) Checked out a Taurus Circuit Judge in .22 LR/Mag and a Beretta 84S in .380 before buying a Nagant revolver, because the price was decent, I'd been eyeing one for quite some time, and just because I can, dagnabit!

  18. Norcal impossible to get 223 and pmags are 65 the cheapest

  19. Thanks for the tip on The Mako Group having AR mags at a reasonable price. I ordered 4. With the panic over guns and ammo purchasing this past month, the smart buys are any hi-cap mags. Then any "assault" style rifle. Still don't understand why people are going nuts over buying up ammo. The Hi-Cap Mag ban is the one ban most likely to get passed. For those people that have bought up huge chunks of $15 Pmags hoping to make a fortune after hi-cap mag ban may be in for a rude surprise. HR.308 was introduced in Jan 2011 and is now getting a big push from what I've read in the next week or 2 to get it passed and here is a quote from it

    " Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act - Amends the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to prohibit: (1) the transfer or possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, except for its lawful possession within the United States on or before the date of this Act's enactment; "

    I'm no lawyer but to me it reads after the ban you can POSSESS grandfathered hi-cap mags if you possessed them on or before the ban date. But it appears you can't transfer them. So if you bought 100 Pmags hoping to rape people on Gunbroker after a hi-cap ban, you would be S.O.L. And stuck with them. And legally you wouldn't even be able to pass them down to your kids when you die if this ban was still in place.

    The wording may get changed before it goes up for an actual vote in the House and Senate but I'm not holding my breath. This is something even pro-gun politicians can pass so they can say to their constituents back home: "Hey I did something about Sandy Hook" and later be able to oppose any assault weapons ban which will take longer to work out and come to a vote.