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Review: Operation Z Vol. 2 - Carbines, Rifles and Shotguns

Note: Please wear a shirt during the zombie apocalypse.
Operation Z Vol. 2 picks up right where Vol. 1 left off - pretty much literally. If you haven't read that review, give it a skim to get some background on the series. Vol. 1 covered handguns, and this DVD delves into carbines, rifles and shotguns. Both were filmed over the same time period--probably a day or two on handguns, and then the next day or two on long guns.

Chris Costa seemed to spend less time on some of the fundamentals as he did the first time around, so you'll get less on things like trigger control, reset, sight picture, etc. He demonstrates proper technique and then hands off. Each shooter cycles through a couple long guns, firing off a magazine while Chris coaches. Most of the shooters are pretty bad, so there's a lot of teaching moments. Costa will occasionally interject, grab the long gun and start showing 'em how its done.

For the viewer at home, this teaching portion serves as a refresher on (or introduction to) the basics. The newbies' errors are fairly obvious and exaggerated, emphasizing why stance is important, why you don't want to flinch, etc. Seeing someone else making mistakes, Costa correcting them, and their shooting improving (a bit) is a helpful learning experience. Newer/non-shooters will of course benefit the most.

Like Volume 1, the training portion here also emphasizes that shooting is a fairly serious skill - you can't just pick up an AR and suddenly be an action hero. Headshots all day long? Not likely.

I thought it was also interesting to see how much accuracy improved when shooters moved from offhand and iron sights to prone with a scope. Or how some of the shooters who struggled the most with carbines and irons did a a lot better with a 12 gauge.

There are also a lot of cool guns featured throughout--always a nice. From the suppressed .22s to the .338 Lapua Magnum and everything in between, there's a nice array of guns. From the new to the seasoned, there will be some new guns to drool over.

Another point I appreciated - Costa gives a balanced run down of the shotgun's pros and cons to start off that segment. Many people, for whatever reason, seem to think the 12 gauge is the end-all-be-all of defensive firearms, that you merely need to work the pump and bad guys will collapse to the floor, etc. Shotguns do some things really well, others not so well - trade offs, like everything in life.

I actually enjoyed the second DVD in the set - the extras - more than the main DVD. Costa delves into survival bags - his get home bag, his bug out bag and the gear inside. He's Chris Costa, so he is of course running the top of the line stuff--3rd gen NVGs, RMJ Hawk, custom knives, a 10MM custom 1911, Arc'Teryx clothes, etc. One of those "If I had unlimited money to spend" kind of deals. Anyways, fun to see his picks and hear about his thought process. Very solid.

This time around, I noticed a bit more foul language, which can be a hindrance when trying to get a spouse to watch.

Overall, a good-but-not-great training DVD that's made more compelling by the $15 retail price. Not a bad Christmas present for zombie fans, either.

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Operation Z Vol. 3 is about Vehicles - there's a short teaser trailer at the end of the DVD - so I'd assume bug out vehicles of some variety. I don't think Chris Costa is involved in this next volume, but I've been wrong before.


  1. I really wanted to purchase these videos. Not only for myself, but for my wife to view as well. Both of us need more training on firearms. But simply put, the foul language in just the trailer I watched,made me change my mind.

    1. I understand the foul language concern, but that is something of the culture you are dealing with in the Military and Law Enforcement. The video's intent is still to make you a better shooter and it has a lot of good tips. Remember you are wanting your wife or whowver to learn to shoot and have the proper mind set to maybe to kill someone in self defense one day. My point is the foul language should not be a deal breaker when your goal is to teach someone to kill. How backwards is that you can kill someone but no foul language!!!!!

    2. I hate to be so harsh, but seriously? Grow up. Surely the value of knowledge supersedes such Victorian sensibilities.

    3. There are actually on a few F-Bombs at the beginning, if I remember right, then nothing else.

      I'm going to have a hard time getting TEOTWAWKI Wife to sit down and watch these videos because of it. Some people are just sensitive to harsh language.

    4. But not killing Alex?

    5. I don't see a reason why self defense instruction has to inherently be tied to dropping the f-bomb.

  2. I tried amazon.co.uk and you don't have it on there
    will you sell it to your uk followers?

  3. I recommend this http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_13?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=gun+training+with+the+non-aggression+principle&sprefix=gun+training+%2Caps%2C254

  4. I agree that bringing up the language in the review is fair game. Mr. Wolfs review was thorough and complete and even though the language was unfavorable to him he still passed on the pertinent info. I don't see Mr. Wolfs point in bringing up the language as comparing the moral virtue of killing someone vs saying the F word, but as watching a quality training video with foul language vs watching a quality video without. Whats wrong with treating your lady like a lady anyway? Just because something is difficult, traumatic, or life threatening doesn't mean the appropriate tactical response is foul language or actions. And to the guy who commented "to grow up" I don't think participating in or condoning every "grown up" action one can do legally is considered strength or maturity. Quite the opposite.

  5. As far as a moral virtue is concerned if your willing to kill someone,than why should the F word matter so much. The fact someone finds a word foul does not alway make it so, just as a killing is not always murder, even though some think it is! My point is the colorful langauage is part of the military culture and nothing more. Unless you have live it you will never understand. So this is mute to continue.

    1. Your killing someone out of self-defense--your not listening to the F-bomb on a video in self-defense. Just because someone is willing to kill someone as a last resort doesn't mean that person should have no qualms about using offensive language. I honestly don't see the connection--somehow if you are willing to kill in self-defense then its ok to do anything else? I get that its part of military culture but these videos (or so I thought) are not for military personnel but largely for beginner shooters. These are people who aren't in the military, not familiar with military culture, and probably would be offended by certain aspects of it. And some of these people are women who just plain don't want to hear that stuff. If an F-bomb is going to turn these people off than what is the virtue of having it in there?

    2. KingHoju, my sentiments exactly. I understand 3rdman's comments about it being part of the culture. Especially when in the military or LE. But, my wife does not curse. Never has. Wouldn't really be able to pull if off if she wanted to! :) But, mess with the cubs, you get mama bear. I wouldn't want to be between her and the cubs, ya know? The only f-bombs would be from the bad guy...

      My take is that these videos are decidedly marketed towards men. If it was just me watching it, I wouldn't be bothered by Costa and his epic beard dropping some words every now and then. My wife? Yes, she would be bothered.

    3. On point exactly.

      I don't see any connection between the two. If this WAS a live training class in the military, I would expect nothing less than a lot of colorful language. But it's not - it's a DVD marketed towards beginning shooters, and the use of said language will turn some away.

      No one ever brought morals into question, either. I don't think you are an immoral person if you swear occasionally, and especially in moments of high stress. Don't be so sensitive :P about it.

      Anyways, end of discussion here. I understand that some are sensitive to certain things and will identify those in reviews, a practice I will contine.

  6. If anyone wants a cleaner training series, try looking for Rob Pincus' I.C.E. Training DVD's. He's the creator of Personal Defense Network and has over 50 DVD's on lots and lots of different subtopics of tactical training - even a "Be the Wrong Women" DVD for females :) Icestore.us for details/store. Check him out!