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Comments on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Truly, an unspeakable act of terror, evil and insanity that happened today. A heart breaking tragedy that has left much of the nation traumatized. Our thoughts and prayers go out to any and all impacted by today's events.

I've been disgusted by how quickly the tragedy has become politicized - with people far more concerned about pointing fingers and bickering pointlessly than about offering up prayers, condolences or giving support. Of all the news stories and commentary I've seen, there's been a lot of finger pointing, but nothing telling people what they can do to help.

We are doers around here, and I strongly encourage you to avoid the contention and reach out and do something to help. This, of all seasons, is the season of giving and charity--and there are certainly many who stand in need of our help today. We who have some small abundance can share.

I'm trying to track down a reputable charity or support fund to assist the victim's of this tragedy, and when I find one, I'll post it up here. Of course, there are other ways to help, serve and give in your local communities. Get out there and do something to make the world a better place.

Here are 2 non-profits working to help in the aftermath:

The American Red Cross - on the front lines of most any disaster. To donate directly to the Newtown Red Cross, use zip code 06428.

Newtown Youth and Family Services - A local non-profit who will be offering counseling and directing donations directly to those affected by the tragedy