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Armed citizen confronted Oregon Mall Shooter!

The media is burying this story! A man legally carrying a concealed handgun intervened in the mall shooting, confronting the shooter. He had the discretion NOT to shoot, for fear of hitting bystanders, but the armed response apparently caused the shooter to retreat and take his own life.

Link to the original local news story >


  1. I'll not try and start another debate here, cause I know your tryin to decompress Wolf, just a little history. An armed populace is a polite populace...and a safer one....this is a fact. We only need look at our own history to see the example...the wild west. The so called wild west was actually pretty tame, as just about every citizen carried a firearm at al times or had one within arms reach. The crime rate, rate of violence and random shooting numbers were astronomically lower then than they are.now simply because no one dared act an ass or victimize others....when everyone is armed. Most shootings, firearm related incidents in those days were self defense , accidental or one man shooting at one other man. Fact is that this type incident we are talking about simply could not and did not occuer because of the armed citizenry. I'm sure there are a few examples here and there that could be compared, but no where near as many nor near the death toll.

    1. Good points.

      Along a similar vein, people have been saying that expanded concealed carry rights would lead to mass gun fights and rampant murder in our streets. In fact, the opposite is true - crime and murder drop when law abiding citizens are able to defend themselves.

      Violent crime rates in the U.S. peaked in the early 90s and have been on steady decline since then - despite more citizens carrying concealed weapons, and despite the sunset of the assault weapons ban in 2004, etc.

    2. It's sort of line nuclear weapons... no one really uses them unless the other side is unarmed!

      We didn't even see this news over in Australia - the media is too busy being horrified, rubbishing America's gun laws, and patting themselves on the back for being so anti-gun. So I am sure it will never surface to the news.

      I think you either need to have a heavily armed populace to get the results you are talking about, creating a fearful level of politeness, OR, you go to the other extreme of having pretty much a total gun ban and no access to guns (much like Japan - very polite, practically no firearm crime not sanctioned by the Yakuza). Either way, when a crazy gets loose, they will stab, beat or shoot their victims. Japan has plenty of stabbings and odd crimes because there is an un-addressed level of mental health issues there, much like America, but the reality you have to live with is that your crazies do more damage when they get their hands on an AR. It is an unfortunate cost of having that extra freedom. Either way, it's for America to decide on, not the rest of the world.

      I hope any amendments to your laws are common sense and not overly punitive.

  2. Thanks for the post, I put the video up on my site too. A very important video.