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Tip of the Week: Technora Nine-Fifty

Another tip of the week courtesy of Vigilant Gear, TEOTWAWKI Blog sponsors and purveyors of cool stuff.

What is smaller, lighter than paracord but has almost double the breaking strength? Technora Nine-Fifty - just over 1/10 of an inch thick, but with 950-pounds in tensile strength (all right, it's 960 lbs rated, but 950 sounds cooler I guess).

Technora cord is very cool stuff - eight times stronger than steel of equivalent weight. The hank pictured above is 40 feet in length and weighs in a 1.3 ounces. A 50-foot hank of paracord weighs over twice that. Size wise, this hank of Technora takes up about 1/3 the space of a 50 foot hank of paracord. If you're familiar with bankline, it's a bit thicker than that, and obviously much stronger.

The cord is made up 16 individual strands, braided together. A single strand has a 60 pound breaking strength. The strands are not going to be as easy to work with as an intact braid, but in a pinch, you have that option.

When size and weight are at a premium, and you want something you can lift a grand piano with, Technora is your best bet. Heck, Batman probably uses this stuff in his grappling hook gun. If you've got a small kit, limited space for cordage or just need something ridiculously strong for its weight, check Nine-Fifty cord out.